Michelle Young explains why Nayte Olukoya is confident rather than cocky

Nayte Olukoya smiles
Michelle Young defends Nayte Olukoya’s layers as a person. Pic credit: ABC

As Michelle Young’s season of The Bachelorette continues to unfold, some men are becoming frontrunners. 

One of the men Michelle seems most interested in at this point is the tall and handsome contestant Nayte Olukoya. 

Nayte’s chemistry with Michelle has led him to be challenged by men in the house and accused of being arrogant as well as potentially on the show for the wrong reasons. 

However, Michelle has spoken out on why she disagrees about Natye being cocky and instead thinks he’s a confident and layered man. 

Michelle Young says Nayte is confident but not overconfident 

Speaking with Us Weekly, Michelle discussed Nayte Olukoya and the relationship she’s exploring with him on the show.

Michelle shared, “When Nayte just stepped out of the limo, he was just very confident – but he didn’t have that overconfidence. He was still nervous. I was nervous as well.”

Michelle revealed that she has enjoyed getting to know Nayte beyond the surface and has been learning just how many layers Nayte has. 

Michelle expressed, “Through the season, [I’ve] always enjoyed peeling back different layers, and, at the moment in the season, I’m really, truly figuring out just how many layers he has.”

Interestingly, in a preview for the season, Clayton Echard, who is expected to be the next Bachelor, appears to accuse Nayte of being an actor who only went on the show to be on reality television. 

Nayte seems to deny those accusations in the clip and Michelle also played coy when asked about Nayte and his intentions on the show by saying, “You’re going to have to definitely wait for Tuesday to figure out exactly how everything pans out, but there are a lot of things that do happen. There are a lot of tough conversations that have to be had, and there are going to be a lot of emotions involved with all of it.”

The Bachelorette celebrates its 200th episode 

Michelle Young also spoke with Us Weekly about being a part of the hit series’ 200th episode. 

Michelle remarked, “That is a huge mile marker. But to be able to have this 200th episode be with this diverse cast of just wonderful men, wonderful love stories, so unique, so different, is pretty special.”

Like Nayte, Michelle has discovered that she has plenty of layers as well and she learned how vulnerable she can be through being on the show.

Michelle shared, “I didn’t realize how vulnerable I was. And I’m very, I don’t know, I’m happy that I was able to challenge myself and push myself to open up. I don’t typically – with a sport’s past – always show emotion or wasn’t always one to shed tears in front of people. And so this is a huge step from that. And being able to show these men how I truly was feeling at times and talk about painful experiences, as well as showing emotion for them when they’re sharing their stories. The viewers hopefully relate to that.” 

The Bachelorette airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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