Michael Allio rumored to be the next The Bachelor after Clayton Echard’s season

Michael Allio stole the heart of Bachelor Nation while competing on Katie Thurston’s season of The Bachelorette. Pic credit: @michael_alliol4/Instagram

While Michelle Young’s season of The Bachelorette is currently playing out on our television screens, Bachelor Nation is already buzzing with rumors about the next two seasons.

Despite a contestant from Michelle’s season, Clayton Echard, being rumored to be the next lead, it was revealed that viewers will get back-to-back seasons of The Bachelor in 2022.

While usually, The Bachelorette would’ve followed Clayton Echard’s season, fans will be excited to hear the fan-favorite Michael Allio is rumored to be taking the next leading role.

Michael Allio is rumored to be the next The Bachelor after Clayton Echard’s season

Much like Katie Thurston and Michelle Young’s seasons of The Bachelorette, it has been rumored that back-to-back seasons of The Bachelor will happen in 2022.

It is also rumored that the single father, Michael Allio, is set to become the lead following Clayton Echard.

These rumors began when both Reality Steve and Youtuber Dave Neal announced they received a tip that Micheal would be the next Bachelor star.

Revealing the message on his Youtube channel, Dave Neal explained the leak came from someone in the same circle as Michael’s best friend.

“It’s a done deal. That he basically told them he turned down production initially, but they were willing to work with having filming take place in the Akron and Chicago area, which is where he has his family and his son James.” the Youtuber recounted.

Explaining that he believes the source is valid, Reality Steve also shared the same tip while on his Instagram live.

Michael Allio cemented himself as a Bachelor Nation favorite after competing on Katie Thurston’s season of The Bachelorette

If this is true, fans will be happy to hear that the contestant from Katie Thurston’s season will be on his own journey soon.

First opening his heart on The Bachelorette, he captivated the hearts of fans after sharing his story of healing and looking for love after losing his wife, Laura, to cancer.

Self-eliminating himself from the running to return to his young son, if there was anyone Bachelor Nation was rooting for to be the next lead, it was the single father from Ohio.

However, Michael had always expressed his hesitation for taking the leading role as he wasn’t sure he could get engaged and introduce someone to his son in such a short time frame.

Are you here for Michael Allio being The Bachelor? Stay tuned for official updates.

The Bachelor returns to ABC in January 2022.

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