Meri Brown shares sentimental Mother’s Day post in honor of her mom Bonnie six weeks after her death

Meri Brown of Sister Wives
Six weeks after her mother’s death, Meri Brown shared a Mother’s Day post in her honor. Pic credit: TLC

Meri Brown of Sister Wives shared a tribute to her mom, Bonnie, on Mother’s Day, just six weeks after her death.

The 50-year-old TLC star has struggled with her mom’s sudden and unexpected passing.

Over the weekend, Meri shared a poignant tribute, including a pic of Bonnie and the caption, “Happy Mother’s Day to my sweet mom in heaven ? It’s only been six short weeks since she left us, and it’s still so surreal and unbelievable.”

Meri said she gets up and keeps going because her mom would want her to

“I’m sad knowing that in this life I’ll never see her sweet smile, hear her sweet voice, or feel her loving arms around me again. I know in my heart she wouldn’t want me to wallow, but to get up and keep going. So get up and keep going, I will.”

“She taught me so much. How to love, how to give, how to keep an eye centered on Christ. He was always her focus. She accepted everyone with open arms. She never had an ill word to say about anyone. She kept her troubles to herself, not wanting to burden others.”

“She loved her kids, her grandkids, and her great grandkids with a love like no other, and would do anything and everything for us. She loved dad, she missed him, a lot. I’m sure she’s up there loving every second she gets to be with him again.”

“Her heart is stronger now, her endurance and strength the best its ever been. I have no doubt she’s up there working on projects, pulling strings, making things happen for those of us left here on earth. That’s who she is. That’s what she does.”

“Giver, helper, confidant, friend. My sweet mom. ??? I love you Mom! Stay close, keep guiding me, keep teaching me. I’ll listen for your whisperings ?”

Meri has posted several tributes to her mom since her passing

After a short hiatus from social media, Meri returned and has shared several posts pertaining to her mother. On the one-month anniversary of Bonnie’s death, Meri shared a pic of her gravestone and a pic of them together in front of her bed and breakfast, Lizzie’s Heritage Inn.

Last month, Meri explained to her followers why she never gives flowers to those who have lost a loved one. Her mom, Bonnie, taught her to give plants instead, as they live on as a reminder and memory of the one who passed.

Sadly, Meri revealed that being an orphan at 50 was tough, and that she still relied on her mother’s guidance, even in her absence.

And ironically, just days after her passing, Bonnie made an appearance on the show. Meri was still too distraught from her mother’s death and began her social media hiatus the same week, skipping her family’s live tweets.

Hopefully Meri can continue to heal from her mother’s passing and find peace as she moves forward with her life.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus.

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