Meredith Marks says the only person she’s ‘not engaging with’ since the reunion is Jen shah

Meredith Marks is still not on speaking terms with Jen Shah following the RHOSLC reunion.
Meredith Marks is still not on speaking terms with Jen Shah following the RHOSLC reunion. Pic credit: Bravo

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star Meredith Marks admits that she and Jen are not on good terms following the reunion.

Meredith appeared on Everything Iconic with Danny Pellegrino to discuss the attention-grabbing Season 1.

Danny mentioned that it was nice to see Meredith and Heather have a bonding moment during the RHOSLC season finale.

Since they hadn’t interacted much during the season, Danny wondered how close their friendship is.

“We’re great. Heather and I have fun,” Meredith claimed. “We actually went on her podcast the other day which was really fun.”

She then went onto describe how her friendships with the other women on the show are going.

“Honestly, I am pretty good with everyone. The only one who I’m really not engaging with very much is Jen,” Meredith stated.

She said that she needs more time before she’s ready to repair her friendship with Jen.

“I don’t engage with what I don’t need to engage with until I’m ready,” Meredith explained.

Meredith and Jen feud during the reunion

One of the hot topics of Part 1 of the RHOSLC reunion was Jen’s encounter with Meredith’s son, Brooks.

Earlier in the season, Meredith had Jen over. Meredith’s adult children, Brooks and Chloe, were hanging out with them.

Meredith claimed that Jen made her children uncomfortable when she started doing high kicks and chanting “Grindr.”

Meredith’s kids claimed they saw Jen’s vagina. Jen, however, expressed that she never knew they saw that.

Jen argued that the reason why Meredith’s son was uncomfortable was because he caught Meredith smoking in her room.

Meredith accused Jen of talking badly about her son

Meredith accused Jen of putting down her son Brooks.

She mentioned the comment Jen made about her son’s fashion line. Jen had made a shady confessional comment that Brooks’ fashion line was made up of all of the same tracksuits.

While Meredith agreed it was true, she was more upset about comments that Jen has made about Brooks on social media.

When Meredith said Jen has been antagonizing Brooks on social media, Jen denied it and yelled at Meredith to stop lying.

Meredith then cited an Instagram comment that Jen made claiming that Brooks was coming from a place of “white privilege” during the incident.

Meredith has made it clear that the issue does not get resolved during the reunion.

Are you on Meredith or Jen’s side?

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Reunion Part 2 airs on Wednesday, February 17 at 9/8c on Bravo.

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