Men Tell All spoilers: Who came, who sat in the hot seat, and what was said

Rachel Recchia & Gabby Windey
The Men Tell All spoilers are here. Pic credit: @pilot.rachel/Instagram

The Bachelorette is more than halfway over as the co-leads continue to search for their person.

As this season has progressed, both Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia have had their share of ups and downs.

The two women sent home men who made rude comments about them and played by their own rules.

While Gabby and Rachel stated at some point throughout the season that they were ready to leave, so far, both women are still on their journeys.

Whether or not the ladies find love and leave engaged at the end of the season is yet to be aired, but Reality Steve has released his own spoilers.

Reality Steve revealed spoilers for the upcoming Men Tell All show, complete with who was there, who sat in the hot seat, and what was said. 

Reality Steve released the names of the guys at the Men Tell All

According to Reality Steve’s webpage, this season, on the Men Tell All, fourteen men showed up, while two of the men Bachelor Nation would have liked to hear from were noticeably absent.

The men who appeared in the Men Tell All filming were the following: Nate, Logan, Tyler, Meatball, Mario, Spencer, Roby, Termayne, Jordan H., Jacob, Jordan V., Alec, Quincy, and Ethan.

Hayden, who called Gabby rough around the edges, said his ex-girlfriend was way hotter than Rachel and called both Bachelorettes “b****es,” did not go. Neither did Chris, who implied he would make it to the fantasy suites early in the show.

Both Hayden and Chris were sent packing and then didn’t even show their faces for the Men Tell All.

Only three men sat in the hot seat alongside host Jesse Palmer: Logan, Tyler, and Nate.

Some information revealed in the hot seats is shocking

When Logan was called up to the hot seat, he and Jesse talk about his shocking, but necessary elimination.

According to Reality Steve, Logan ended up getting COVID-19 while filming so he had to leave Amsterdam, Gabby, and the show.

Tyler apparently gets eliminated during his hometown date with Rachel. Allegedly, Rachel already had her hometown date with Aven, and by the time she spent the day with Tyler, she knew they were not close to being at the same spot romantically.

Therefore, Rachel supposedly didn’t go to his house and meet his family; however, Tyler still went, and some of it was filmed by production.

The third and final man to sit in the hot seat was Nate, who has been in the headlines lately for allegedly dating two women at one time and hiding the fact he had a daughter.

When asked about the claims made against him, Nate was said to get emotional but never really answered the questions directly.

Furthermore, when Gabby came out on stage, she apparently backed Nate and defended him, saying he treated her with nothing but respect; thus, she had no reason to believe he was lying.

It sounds like this season’s Men Tell All includes all of the usual drama, plus other information regarding the upcoming season of BIP and some more clips of the finale.

The Bachelorette airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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