Meghan King’s marriage to Cuffe Biden Owens to be annulled amid rumors she has a new man

Meghan King
Former RHOC star Meghan King. Pic credit: Bravo

Meghan King’s personal life has played out in public for the past seven years, since becoming a star on Real Housewives of Orange County in 2015. She endured a very messy divorce and cheating scandal with ex-husband and former MLB player Jim Edmonds.

Now she is recovering from another blow – the end of her brief marriage and subsequent split from Cuffe Owens.

Meghan has asked for her two-month marriage to be annulled, and now states that the relationship with Cuffe felt like an arranged marriage.

Meghan’s third marriage was quick going in and heading out

During an appearance on Jeff Lewis’ SiriusXM Radio Show, Meghan opened up about the current status of her marriage and revealed she is seeking an annulment.

“I think that I was so ready for a partner and for some, I have three little kids that I have all the time pretty much. And so I just really want some help and I want a partnership,” she told Jeff, and co-host Megan Weaver. “He said all the right things and I and the families were a good, good fit. And he seemed to grow up similarly to me and it was almost like an arranged marriage, I felt like, except we chose one another.”

She also elaborated on her past relationships, and admitted to Jeff Lewis that she feels like a “love addict” and that she does not intend to ever get married again. “I love falling in love, but you know what I like more than falling in love? I like the stable part,” Meghan said. “The honeymoon phase is great and everything, but I really just want stability and I want a partner. That’s what I’m looking for over and over and over and I’m getting it wrong. So something is off.”

“I was married when I was 22. Yeah, so I feel like that one didn’t count, you know, that was like a practice,” she said. “Then I was married to my ex-husband [Jim Edmonds], who I have my kids with, for five years. And that was real. That was a real, legitimate marriage and divorce. And then this last one is gonna be annulled, so I’ve had three weddings and two marriages.”

Although she does not want to marry, she is looking for a partnership. “I’m so committed and loyal when I have that partner,” she said. “And I will do whatever I can to make it work. But it takes two.”

Meghan said she has had ‘three weddings and two marriages’

Meghan told Jeff and crew that her first marriage to husband Brad McDill ‘didn’t count’ and ‘was like a practice,’ because she was only 22 at the time. She and Brad, who is an attorney, married in July 2007 after meeting at the University of Mississippi. They called it quits four years later, legally separating in October 2011.

The St. Louis native later married St. Louis Cardinals legend Jim Edmonds in 2014. They had three children – Aspen, 5, and twins Hart and Hayes, 3 – and divorced in 2019 amid a cheating scandal. Their tumultuous spilt played out on social media, and Jim is now engaged and set to marry Kortnie O’Connor, with whom he cheated on Meghan. Their son, Hart, was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy in October 2020, and the two struggled to co-parent their children.

Meghan announced in September 2021 that she was dating Cuffe, who is the nephew of President Joe Biden. Less than a month later, they were married at Cuffe’s childhood estate in Pennsylvania. By December, the marriage was crumbling, and the two split.

Real Housewives of Orange County airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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