Meghan King defends single motherhood after Kelly Dodd allegedly slams former RHOC costar

Meghan King
RHOC alum Meghan King defended the single mom “cause” following comments by former co-star, Kelly Dodd. Pic credit: Bravo

Real Housewives of Orange County alum Meghan King says she stands up for the “cause” of being a single mom and defended her stance after a recent comment suggested she was on the wrong side of the argument.

The mom of three has seen her fair share of romance drama in recent years, and following her divorce from ex-husband Jim Edmonds, Meghan has been flying solo in the parenting department.

Another single mom in the RHOC crowd is Braunwyn Windham-Burke, who caused huge waves when she came out as a lesbian after over 20 years of marriage to Sean Burke.

Braunwyn further came under fire for allegedly stating she needed more spousal support from Sean despite their divorce, not to mention the fact that Braunwyn is currently in another relationship.

One particularly critical voice against Brauwyn is controversial RHOC alum, Kelly Dodd, who allegedly called Braunwyn out for having the gall to ask her ex for more money.

While Kelly may disagree with Braunwyn reportedly seeking additional money from her ex-husband, Meghan claims the “bigger picture” is that no one knows Braunwyn’s full story, so it’s unfair to judge her specific situation as a single mother.

During a recent live, re-shared to her Instagram grid, Meghan opened up about the situation and clapped back at a commenter who seemed to side with Kelly.

RHOC alum Meghan King defends the greater ’cause’ of being a single mom

Over on her Instagram Live, Meghan was preparing for Christmas with her three children after they spent a portion of the holidays with their father.

While interacting with her followers, one user asked Meghan to respond to Kelly Dodd’s claims that she constantly defended Brauwyn.

“I wasn’t defending Braunwyn,” Meghan clarified. “The thing I say is, Kelly, don’t rip on any single mom who needs more money because that hurts the whole cause of single women trying to get back on their feet.”

Meghan doubles down on her stance after follower defends Kelly’s comments

In the comment section of her post, one of Meghan’s followers sought to defend Kelly’s comments by pointing out that Kelly was talking specifically about Braunwyn, not all single mothers.

Screenshot from Meghan King's IG post.
Pic credit: @meghanking/Instagram

However, Meghan wasn’t having it and doubled down on her opinions by clarifying she wasn’t talking specifically about Braunwyn. Meghan further pushed the Instagram user to consider the “bigger picture.”

“Can you see the bigger picture here, Catherine?” Meghan’s response read, in part.

Screenshot from Meghan King's IG post.
Pic credit: @meghanking/Instagram

The user then admitted they could see where Meghan was coming from but further noted that Braunwyn cannot be considered the “average single mother.”

Meghan concluded the online spat by chastising the commenter further for referring to Braunwyn’s life as a “gay lifestyle.” The comment seemingly didn’t sit well with Meghan, and she slammed the user for her offensive language.

Screenshot from Meghan King's IG post.
Pic credit: @meghanking/Instagram

One thing is for sure when Meghan feels strongly about something, she will never shy away from sharing her opinions.

The Real Housewives of Orange County is currently on hiatus on Bravo.

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