Maya Vander dishes on Selling Sunset Season 4 storylines

Maya Vander dished on what viewers might see on the new season of Selling Sunset. Pic credit: Netflix

Where is Season 4 of Selling Sunset? Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, most things are delayed due to logistics in figuring out the safest way to film.

The docu-soap, brought to life by same the creators of The Hills, took over streaming services during quarantine and fans are asking for more of the realtor drama.

When is Season 4 coming to Netflix?

While it is confirmed that Seasons 4 and 5 will be making the way to viewers, there’s no set timeline.

Season 3 took viewers to Christine’s extravagant nuptials where she walked down a winter-themed aisle in a glamorous black wedding dress.

It also had its heartbreaking moments with the revelation of Chrishell’s divorce news.

What drama can viewers expect in the new season?

Maya Vander recently spoke with about what juicy information Season 4 might have in store for viewers. While nothing has been shot, the brokerage has changed a lot since viewers saw it last.

Brett has left the group and started his own firm to compete with his twin. The resident villain of the season, Davina Potratz also made her exit as she was presented an offer by a rival brokerage that she couldn’t refuse.

Although Maya was considering a similar move due to her constant travel between the east and west coast, she says, “My thing in Miami is completely different than LA, I’m staying with Jason in LA.”

While she doesn’t think the new season will feature rivalries between firms, she says, “But you know what? I’m telling you, I don’t think so but who knows how they can edit these things at the end of the day.”

Will viewers see another wedding in the future?

Personal lives have definitely changed since production last wrapped as well. “Chrishell is in a new relationship, so it’ll be interesting. I’m sure they’re gonna show that,” the mother of two revealed.

Referring to her new relationship with Dancing with the Stars pro Keo Motsepe, Chrishell was able to find love while her time on the ABC show.

She’s not the only one in a super happy relationship, viewers may also see another wedding coming their way soon. Heather Rae Young has also introduced fans to her fellow home enthusiast – Tarek El Moussa.

Will viewers get to see another cast member walk down the aisle?

Maya says, “I know [Heather and Tarek] are going to get married, I just don’t know when and I have no clue where and I do not know if they can film the wedding in the show, given he’s on a different network. But that would be a cool event to film.”

What are you looking forward to seeing in Season 4?

Seasons 1-3 of Selling Sunset are currently streaming on Netflix.

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