Selling Sunset: Did Davina Potratz finally sell her $75 million listing?

Davina caused friction at the office with her overpriced 75 million dollar listing. Pic credit: Netflix

Is Selling Sunset’s Davina Potratz infamous $75 million Beverly Hills compound still on the market?

Complete with a gym and a lavish guest house, the acre lot would reward any realtor that sold it with over a million dollars in commission.

However, the super-stylized house on a busy street is proving to be harder to sell, especially since the owner refuses to go down in his hefty asking price.

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Is the $75 million mansion still for sale?

The owner of the brokerage, Jason Oppenheim, thought the $75 million price tag was so overpriced that it was “embarrassing.”

Noting that they may end up in the hole for costs if it doesn’t sell, in his opinion, the price made the beautiful home a waste of time.

In an interview with Lit Entertainment News, Selling Sunset star Mary Fitzgerald further agrees with Jason and dishes on the home’s current availability.

“It’s still an off-market property. It’s never sold. It’s just way overpriced — it’s only worth half of what he was asking. It was just ridiculous,” she explains.

It’s clear this home only further started to show the cracks in the relationship between Davina Potratz and the Oppenheim Group.

Does Davina still work at the Oppenheim Group?

While you may still be seeing Davina in future seasons, it won’t be while working at the Oppenheim Group.

Making her exit toward the end of 2020, she said that rival real estate group Douglas Elliman made her an offer she couldn’t refuse.

In regard to Davina’s departure, Mary admitted, “It’s always nice not to have drama in the office.”

Later in her interview, the 40-year-old real estate agent also gives a little more details on the specifics of Davina’s offer. “They were going to give her a salary and not just work on commission, so if I understand it correctly that’s why she left, she just wanted a salary instead.”

Noting that you have to work hard to be able to live off commission, salary does add a level of job security.

Will fans see the new Newport Beach office in upcoming seasons of Selling Sunset?

Mary also dished on whether fans will get to see the new Newport Beach office in future episodes of the Netflix docusoap.

“I don’t know how much they’re going to show the OC office, just because it is Selling Sunset so it’s like, the Hollywood Hills. But who knows?” she said on the video call interview.

Jason recently announced the addition of a 4,000sq former bank building that he plans on renovating into a swanky new office complete with an arcade and full bar.


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Familiar face Heather Rae Young will be spending her time majorly in that office as the freshly engaged blonde has recently moved to the OC.

It sounds like the new office is going to be a great space and Mary thinks fans will get glimpses outside of their usual, Hollywood Hills real estate. “I think people would like to see other areas and what we’re doing and how we’re expanding out there, so I’m sure it’s going to be on a little bit.”

Are you excited for an upcoming new season of Selling Sunset?

Seasons 1-3 of Selling Sunset are currently streaming on Netflix.

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