Maurissa Gunn writes heartfelt birthday message to Demi Burnett

Maurissa Gunn and Demi Burnett
Maurissa Gunn gushes about Demi Burnett for her birthday. Pic credit: ABC

Demi Burnett and Maurissa Gunn became fast friends on Bachelor in Paradise Season 7, and their bond is still going strong.

Recently, Demi celebrated her 27th birthday, and Maurissa shared a detailed and heartfelt post expressing her gratitude for having met Demi and all the ways the outspoken blonde has been there for her.

Maurissa Gunn reflects on becoming Bachelor in Paradise besties with Demi Burnett

Maurissa Gunn took to Instagram to share a series of photos with Demi Burnett as well as recall the way she and Demi became friends on Bachelor in Paradise. 

In the post, Maurissa included snapshots from their time on Bachelor in Paradise as well as more candid moments with Demi at home. 

The first photo featured Demi and Maurissa smiling while wearing bikinis and plastic cover-ups. In a video within the post, Maurissa can be heard telling Demi that she’s going to make a great wife someday and Demi offers Maurissa Hot Cheetos for breakfast. 

Maurissa captioned the birthday post, “SCREAMING HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THIS GREMLIN OF MINE!!!! The tweedle dee to my tweedle dumb….Mermaid Man to my Barnacle Boy. Happy birthday Demi. You deserve the best day ever. Thank you for being the amazing human that you are. I am so blessed to have met you.”

Maurissa detailed the first time she met Demi, writing, “I remember waking up that first morning we officially met like it was yesterday… you forgot your beauty blender, and I told you I had an extra one …From that moment on we were two peas In a pod…even Jesús the bartender knew we were inseparable”

Maurissa thanks Demi for answering her 5am phone calls 

As Demi has been one of the insiders in Maurissa’s relationship and break up with Riley Christian, Maurissa thanked Demi for being there for her. 

Maurissa wrote, “You have been there for me through it all and I can’t thank you enough. Beginning with volleyball and mimosas on the beach, running off to our secret spots… Letting me stay at the zoo with you and Sando, playing statdew valley all day/night while making sure I had my Starbucks as soon as I woke up… But most importantly knowing I can call you at 5 am balling my eyes out and talking me through this crazy thing called life.”

Maurissa concluded the post, “Words can’t express how much I appreciate you. I’m so thankful for you, and I hope you have the most amazing day. I love you so much.” 

Bachelor in Paradise is currently on hiatus on ABC. 

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