Matt James trolls girlfriend Rachael Kirkconnell in hotel prank

Matt James and Rachael Kirkconnell
Matt James and Rachael Kirkconnell look cozy and cute together all bundled up. Pic credit: @rachaelkirkconnell/Instagram

Imagine this scenario. You are Bachelor alum Rachael Kirkconnell being filmed at a fancy hotel, when the love of your life says, “Rachael…Will you…Accept…This…” before pulling a Nerf gun and being hit in the stomach with a Styrofoam bullet.

This is exactly what happened to poor The Bachelor alum in a recent video shared by Matt James.

Rachael Kirkconnell trolled by boyfriend Matt James

Standing in an elaborate setting: a lavish hotel, with an ornate chandelier hanging from the ceiling in the background.

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Rachael is casually dressed down and hanging out with her boyfriend, Matt James, whom she is assuming could propose at any possible time.

Sipping her iced coffee, Rachael turns around when she hears her name being called by her partner.

As she looks at him filming her, he says the words: “I have something for you.”

The smile on her face lights up the room as she is wondering, “Can this actually be it? The moment I’ve been waiting for?”

When Matt then carries on with the next words of “Will you…” Rachael gives a surprised and anxious giggle.

As he continues with the word “accept”, she is still wondering what might be coming and hoping his next step is a ring out of his pocket with him down on one knee.

But then…out comes a Nerf gun, and before she knows it, Matt has cocked the toy. Then follows a Nerf bullet, as Rachael turns and grimaces, about to be hit with it.

Matt then posts on his Instagram after the video: “Am I wrong for doing this?” followed by a laughing emoji with tears and a heart.

Come on, girls…everyone together: YES! You can’t do that to your serious girlfriend, Matt!

Pic credit: @mattjames919/Instagram

Turning around after realizing the prank he just pulled on her, the video cuts off, probably before Rachael can punch him or spout out some choice words.

Matt and Rachael’s rocky past and bright future

While Matt and Rachael have had some drama and issues in their past, after the last season of The Bachelor, they came back together to work on their relationship.

Rachael apologized, and after some time apart, she and Matt, fortunately, were able to move forward in April 2021.

Rachael was quoted in Us Weekly, saying back in September 2021, “We’re in a great place. We just needed to take that time away from everyone and really figure everything out, and I think that we were just so sick of the outside noise and we were like, ‘You know what? We need to just put all of that aside and really focus on our relationship and how we feel about each other and nothing else.’ It’s been so incredible.”

Let’s just hope that the next time that Kirkconnell hears those words it will be during a legitimate proposal and not followed by a Nerf gun to the stomach.

The Bachelor returns Monday, January 24, 2022, at 8/7c on ABC.

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