Matt James promises more cute Rachael Kirkconnell pics, shares eating montage

Matt James & Rachael Kirkconnell
Matt James makes a video of Rachael Kirkconnell after she accuses him of not taking photos of her on vacation. Pic credit: ABC

Matt James and Rachael Kirkconnell have gotten through a great deal of controversy from the time the show was filmed, aired, and through the finale to get where they are today.

The two individually had work to do on themselves before they reconciled, but now they seem more in love than ever.

Recently, Rachael apparently told Matt that he never takes photos of her when they go on vacation or travel together. While Matt then took this to heart, he did so in the funniest way possible.

While Rachael looks amazing, and her body is totally toned and amazing, according to Matt’s eating montage, she loves her food, too.

Matt James put together a video of Rachael Kirkconnell eating various foods and acting silly

Matt took to his Instagram to post a video of Rachael to document their last vacation together, proving to her that he does, in fact, have photos of her. However, much to Rachael’s surprise, every photo in the clip was her eating.

Matt captioned his post and video, “When she says ‘you never take any cute pictures of me..’ (laughing/crying face and skull emojis).”

What did Rachael and other Bachelor Nation fans have to say about the video?

Bachelor Nation fans, plus Rachael herself, commented on Matt’s montage video. Rachael actually made two posts: one that said, “I just hope they made it over there,” and “The fact that this was all from one trip too … smh.”

Instagram comments from Matt James' Instagram
Pic credit: @mattjames919/Instagram

Another fan loved the fact that Rachael loves to eat and isn’t afraid to show it, as she stated, “She is perfection – never let her go!!!!”

Instagram comments from Matt James' Instagram
Pic credit: @mattjames919/Instagram

Other fans can’t believe that she ate that much on one trip and still looks as fabulous as she does. One even exclaimed, commenting on the part of the video where Rachael unbuttons her pants to have more room to eat and because she was so full, “Unbuttoning the jeans! I felt that.”

Two others questioned just where all those calories go, as they stated shockingly, “So where the heck all that food goes!!! I gained 10 pods by just looking at food!!!!” The other said, “The worse is that she looks STUNNING ANYWAY (heart-faced emoji).”

Instagram comments from Matt James' Instagram
Pic credit: @mattjames919/Instagram

Still, others commented on how much they loved the video that Matt posted and how cute Rachael was throughout it. One viewer even admired the end of the video as she wrote, “It’s the dance at the end for me … (laughing/crying emojis) … it’s like … this is soooo good I have to dance it out … (more laughing/crying emojis and dancer emojis).”

Instagram comments from Matt James' Instagram
Pic credit: @mattjames919/Instagram

While Rachael and Matt endured some hardships and obstacles at the beginning of their relationship, the two have overcome so much together and are so in love.

The Bachelorette premieres Monday, July 11th on ABC.

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