Matt James pokes fun at Rachael Kirkconnell’s excessive hair in the shower 

Rachael Kirkconnell and Matt James
The Bachelor Season 25 lead Matt James teases girlfriend Rachael Kirkconnell in latest video. Pic credit: @rachaelkirkconnell/Instagram

Matt James and Rachael Kirkconnell are still going strong after falling in love on The Bachelor Season 25. 

Recently, Matt shared an amusing video mixing comedy and horror as he took a shower.

The video poked fun at Rachael Kirkconnell’s hair-shedding shower habits as he beckoned all ladies to “stop the madness.” 

Matt James showers surrounded by hair 

Matt James took to Instagram to share a comedic video playfully shading his The Bachelor Season 25 girlfriend, Rachael Kirkconnell, and women who leave lots of hair clumps in the shower. 

Matt hops in the shower with his ripped upper body on display in the video. As Matt showers, he spots a tiny amount of hair on the shower wall and shakes his head. 

The video gets progressively more dramatic as Matt notices larger and larger wads of hair. Matt starts to appear frightened as he backs up and spots a full-blown wig in the shower. As Matt freaks out and moves about the shower, even more wigs are seen hanging on the shower walls. 

The video concludes with Matt taking in the scene wide-eyed as he then yells Rachael’s name at the top of his lungs. 

Matt captioned the post with siren emojis and wrote, “PSA. Stop this MADNESS ladies.” 

Matt’s video had his friends and followers laughing, including Bachelor Nation star Clay Harbor. It appears many men could relate to Matt’s video. 

NBA star and Matt’s fellow Dancing with the Stars alum Iman Shumpert got a kick out of the afro wig in the shower, commenting, “The afroooo.” 

Bachelor Nation’s Jason Tartick  commented, “Hahaha unreal.” 

Matt James' comment section
Pic credit: @mattjames919/Instagram

Matt James reveals another bathroom pet peeve 

Matt James’ most recent video documenting his shower struggles isn’t the first time he’s posted about bathroom pet peeves. 

Earlier this month, Matt shared a video of himself in the bathroom with Rachael as she did her hair. 

Rachael began to spray dry shampoo on her hair, and Matt complained about the smell. 

As Rachael sprayed the shampoo, Matt asked, “Is that dry shampoo? I don’t like the smell of that.” 

Rachael defended the shampoo, saying it’s the best on the market, but Matt declared that he would start his own dry shampoo line “so that it smells like, not lysol.” 

Matt doubled down on dry shampoo smelling like cleaning products in his caption, where he wrote, “Why do all hair care products smell like PINESOL?” 

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus on ABC. 

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