Matt James’ brother John is a rapper — Here’s what to know and where to find his music

John James and Patty Cucolo film for The Bachelor
Get to know Matt James’ brother, John James. Pic credit: ABC

Matt James’ brother, John James, won fans over easily when he appeared on the Bachelor finale.

Matt brought the final two women, Rachael Kirkconnell and Michelle Young, to meet his mom and brother.

Viewers loved his “vibe checks” and the insightful questions he asked the women Matt were dating.

While Matt has become quite famous during his time on The Bachelor, John has his own claim to fame.

John James is a rapper

John is a rapper who goes by the name John the Scorpio.

According to his SoundCloud page, John describes himself as a “smooth passionate musician influenced by g funk music and underground west coast hip-hop and R&B.”

Some of his most popular singles are include Trippin, Sometimes, Roll Up, and What’s the Deal.

He has released singles periodically for the past six years.

His most recent track is titled Use ta be was released on the day he made his debut on The Bachelor.

Fans can listen to his music on his SoundCloud or even his YouTube channel. There, fans can find a music video for his single Gotta Do Betta.

While he has a small following now, it’ll likely increase after his stint on The Bachelor.

John and Matt’s relationship

Matt’s older brother John is clearly an important part of his life. The two experienced the same difficult family upbringing.

Their father, Manny James left their mother, Patty Cucolo, when they were both young.

Matt has saaid on The Bachelor that he and John were raised solely by their mother Patty. This has impacted Matt and his confidence in building relationships.

Even though John had more time with their father, Matt admitted that their father was unfaithful to their mother while they were together.

Matt has expressed that he and his brother have some clear differences, including Matt’s close following of the Christian faith.

However, John’s Instagram page contains more spiritual pictures containing mandalas and tarot symbols.

“My brother and I have completely different religious beliefs, and I don’t love him any less. I would never want that to be something that kept me from being with somebody,” Matt told ET.

Both men also have very different career paths. While John is a rapper, Matt is a businessman with a non-profit.

Even though the brothers don’t appear in many social media pictures together, Matt claims John is one of the people who know him better than anyone.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus on ABC.

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