Married at First Sight rumors: One of the couples do not move in together

Brandon and Taykir
One of the couples is rumored to not have moved in together after returning from the honeymoon. Pic credit: Lifetime

According to Mafsfan, one of the husbands of Married at First Sight decided not to move in with his wife after returning home from his honeymoon. There aren’t any details about why he chose not to move in.

The couple’s issues

Zach and Mindy have had plenty of problems so far. Their wedding seemed awesome, and Mindy was so excited to be married to Zach, who she thought was hot.

That all changed on their honeymoon when Zach kept repeating that he was not attracted to Mindy. First, viewers saw him have a problem with the fact that she didn’t shower after traveling. He even said he didn’t want to cuddle with a greaseball.

Mindy then left the hotel room in tears, crying about the fact that Zach said he has no attraction to her at all. He even asked her what he should do about that.

Zach and Mindy
Zach and Mindy discuss his lack of attraction towards her. Pic credit: Lifetime

The couple sat down the next day and discussed everything, and it seemed like Zach started talking in circles. Even though Mindy didn’t seem to understand what he was trying to say, the couple got back on track and started enjoying each other. Zach even gave Mindy a kiss.

But then, Zach took off his wedding ring. And when Mindy questions him about it, he first says he doesn’t remember to wear his jewelry, even though he is wearing jewelry at that moment, and then he repeats the lack of attraction he feels.

Mindy asks if she should maybe get breast implants, and instead of taking her seriously, he jokes about it. That was enough for Mindy to get fed up and reach out to Dr. Viviana. Mindy explained that Zach even has an issue with her calling him her husband.

Mindy was shown visibly upset and pleading for advice. Dr. Viviana tells her to calm down and wait until they return home to see if things change.

Rumors are out that things do not change

Blogger Mafsfan posted that things get worse for the couple, and Zach chose not to move in with Mindy. If this is true, it’s hard to be able to build an attraction if you aren’t even taking the experiment seriously.

Mafsfan also previously said that Mindy and Zach split up on Decision Day, and viewers saw on the season preview, that there would be some issues with Zach and Mindy’s friend.

Mafsfan Instagram
Mafsfan posted a spoiler saying that Zach doesn’t move in with Mindy after the honeymoons. Pic credit: Instagram/MafsFan

We will have to wait and see how everything works out between these two.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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