Married at First Sight recap: Papayas, Brandon’s a princess, and Michael and Meka have a connection

Jessica and Austin
Last night’s episode of Married at First Sight showed the couples finishing up their honeymoons. Pic credit: Lifetime

Last night’s episode of Married at First Sight was full of happiness on the honeymoons, with the exception of a couple or two. There was a group outing on a catamaran, and Meka and Michael spent some quality time alone.

Brandon and Taylor

Brandon and Taylor started the episode off in a great mood. Of course, there was no camera in Brandon’s face either. The group went on a catamaran and enjoyed their day out on the water.

Taylor wants Instagram pics, and Brandon is not happy at all.

Brandon explains that he struggles with the filming part of the experiment. Taylor explains to the women that Brandon is a princess. She said he is overdramatic, especially when she uses her maiden name to sign something at the hotel.

A conversation begins about Taylor’s social media. Taylor wants a picture of everything, including her drink, and explains that she uses social media as an outlet. It’s also her way of connecting to people. But she does admit that she has a lot of followers.

Before heading home, Brandon freaks out on production and the cameraman. Taylor tries to tell him that she doesn’t want to be married to him when he’s like this, and Brandon throws his wedding ring at her and takes off.

On the bus headed to the airport, Brandon cusses Taylor out.

Katie and Derek

Katie and Derek seem to be getting along great. The couple went to the Panama Canal as a surprise for Derek, who always wanted to go.

They then went to eat, and Derek tried to get Katie to try squid, but Katie wasn’t having it. Katie explained that if he wants to sleep in the bed with her, he must sleep with the dog, too. Derek seemed excited about sleeping with both Katie and the dog.

Katie is nervous about moving in together. She is already missing her alone time.

Austin and Jessica

The sex is great, per Jessica. And papayas are bad. Very very bad. On the group trip, Austin makes it kinda obvious to the men that he and Jessica have become intimate.

Jessica and Austin go out to explore Panama. Austin tries to read the Spanish sign and butchers it completely. The couple then discusses religion, and they’re both on the same page.

Zach and Mindy

Zach once again mentions Mindy’s hygiene. Maybe he feels like Mindy isn’t clean enough, and that’s why he’s not attracted to her.

On the group outing, Zach starts his mumbling, and no one understands what he’s trying to say. At least it’s not just Mindy.

Mindy later points out that Zach isn’t wearing his ring. Zach, with wrists full of jewelry, says that he forgot to put on jewelry.

Zach then mentions that he is not attracted to Mindy again. Mindy gets frustrated because she’s probably tired of hearing how unattractive he feels she is.

She asks Zach if she should get breast implants, and Zach makes a joke about it.

Mindy calls Dr. Viviana and vents about her problems with Zach. She says Zach has a problem with Mindy calling him her husband. Dr. Viviana talks to Mindy and tells her that when they go home, she’ll try to help them work things through.

Michael and Meka

Michael and Meka decided not to attend the group outing. The couple is still sleeping separately, and Michael is still not wearing his ring. So instead they chose to spend the day together, getting to know each other.

Meka takes ownership of some of the distance in their relationship. Michael is hopeful for the future. The couple then goes shopping where Meka picks out a necklace for Michael.

Meka is starting to feel a connection. But then, she gives Michael a list of demands for when they move in together. Michael is drinking…a lot.

Michael says that he is just happy that they are talking about the future. He tells Meka that he feels she is the right person for him and calls her his girl. They hug, and everyone is happy the fighting is over for now.

The couple finally sleeps in the same hotel room. Meka makes Michael wear a hot robe, and she puts a pillow between them, but at least they are taking baby steps to repair the relationship.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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