Married at First Sight New Orleans update: Here’s who is still together and who split up

The MAFS New Orleans cast celebrating. Pic credit: Lifetime

The longest Married at First Sight season is officially over. The experiment featured Valentine’s Day weddings, but the couples didn’t face Decision Day until four months later.

With the process longer than normal, this might have been in some couples’ favor.

The experts are getting better, as the majority of these couples actually stayed married. However, with the couples that they did get wrong, they got them very wrong.

Who’s still together?

It was obvious that fan-favorites Amani and Woody and Amelia and Bennett were going to stay together.

Woody had fans almost in tears when he gifted Amani a new ring at the reunion that further reinforced his love for her.

Pic credit: @IamTiffTheGift/Twitter

Bennett showed his commitment to Amelia with a permanent tattoo that proudly displayed his new wife’s initials.

The least obvious decision was the one that happened between Karen and Miles. If anyone needed the extra time this unprecedented season brought, it was this couple.

Karen had major walls up and she’s lucky the experts matched her with someone as patient as Miles.

The pandemic brought them closer and forced them to learn how to lean on each other.

Who broke up?

Although there a lot of success stories this season, it didn’t work for two of the couples. Those two matches looked good on paper, but one reinforced one thing the experiment continues to prove – you can’t predict attraction.

Brett and Olivia started out with high hopes, but eventually, his sarcastic nature pushed away Olivia.

They had differing opinions on finances and children, ultimately two subjects that can be the demise of a marriage.

Brett ultimately decided that he couldn’t live with his life on hold and moved out of the apartment they shared.

Olivia returned from visiting her family to find her new husband nowhere to be found.

Christina and Henry made it to Decision Day, but not without their major drama.

Although the experts believed that sassy Christina would bring Henry out of his shell, he found her pushy and impatient.

Christina wasn’t used to someone as introverted as Henry and found herself begging for him to make a move.

Ultimately, he revealed he wasn’t attracted to her and she didn’t respond well.

The season ended with her receiving a mysterious tex’ that Henry was having an affair with a man. It’s obvious that this couple chose to say goodbye forever on Decision Day.

Atlanta returns

Viewers don’t have to wait too long to watch the social experiment back in action. Season 12 will take viewers back to Atlanta for round two.

Although the first time around resulted in every couple divorcing, the experts are hoping to change that.

Will you be tuning in this January to see the new couples take the plunge?

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c pm on Lifetime.

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