Marriage counseling for Maci and Taylor on Teen Mom OG

Teen Mom OG Maci
Maci and Taylor need a little help with their marriage on Teen Mom OG

This week on Teen Mom OG, Maci and Taylor are finding bringing up three kids pretty tough and they are having the occasional rough patch in their marriage.

Maci reckons that having the three kids is catching up to them sometimes. She says for 85% of the time things are good but that 15% is really hell and it’s putting pressure on their relationship.

Seems when the cameras leave they relax and have a drink but then the smallest little things act as a catalyst for all stress and problems to come flooding out.

However, Maci seems keen to work on her marriage to Taylor and she’s open to counseling and getting some professional help to help them deal with the everyday stresses that sometimes just get too much.

Also on this episode, Farrah heads off on a date with Asaf plus Gary enlists Amber to help give Leah surprise with the new house.

Teen Mom OG airs Mondays at 9:00 PM on MTV.