Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition’s Rich Dollaz and A1 meet up to talk about Mariahlynn and Lyrica

Rich Dollaz and A1 on Marriage Boot Camp Hip Hop Edition
Rich Dollaz and A1 meet up to talk about Mariahlynn and Lyrica drama. Pic credit: WEtv

It’s still early in the season for the Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition couples, but there’s already a lot of tension in the house.

Rich Dollaz and A1 seem to feel it the most after their partners both called them out for their disrespectful behavior. Lyrica still holds a grudge against A1 for sleeping with another woman, and Mariahlynn just wants to be official.

In this Marriage Boot Camp sneak peek shared exclusively with Monsters and Critics, Rich and A1 meet up by the pool to talk about the drama after yet another wild night.

While both men have plenty to gripe about regarding how their ladies are acting lately, it seems that A1 knows exactly why it’s happening. He tells Rich, “You know what it is though when she’s doing the [imitating Mariahlynn’s angry rants], it’s because… and because Lyrica does it too, it’s because we made them feel less because of us doing what we do.”

Rich agreed and then made it known that he’d be more “cognizant” of how he acts. A1 then said, “We have some work to do.”

But can they do the work needed to make their partners feel more secure? We’ll just have to watch and see what happens. Check out the sneak peek below and be sure to tune in to see what happens.

Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition airs on Thursdays at 9/8c on WEtv.

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