Mama June Road to Redemption star Pumpkin shows off post-twin body

Lauryn Shannon Pumpkin
Lauryn “Pumpkin” Shannon shows off her body for some Vegas fun. Pic credit: @pumpkin/Instagram

Lauryn Shannon Efird, affectionately known by her nickname Pumpkin, has been a reality TV star for nearly 10 years, and fans love her witty personality and willingness to sacrifice for her family.

Over the past few years, Pumpkin was forced to grow up quickly, having four of her own babies, plus legally taking custody of baby sister, Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson.

Now she is taking some time away from the kids with her husband, Josh Efird, taking a trip to Las Vegas for a parents’ getaway, and Pumpkin is looking better than ever after just giving birth to twins.

In a TikTok video posted over the weekend, Pumpkin stood in a skimpy outfit perfect for a night out on the Vegas strip. She wore a red hot halter top that showcased Pumpkin’s curves and her many tattoos.

She donned a thigh-skimming miniskirt and topped the look off with matching red-heeled booties. Pumpkin wore a bold red lip to accentuate her red look, and her brown hair was in loose waves.

In her TikTok, she lip-synched over a sound bite, saying, “Tell a friend to tell a friend, she’s back!” as she showed off her head-to-toe look, and she looked both smoking hot and happy!

Pumpkin and Josh Efird are now parents of four biological kids

In June, Pumpkin revealed that her twins, Sylus and Stella, were born the month before and that the babies were healthy at home with their siblings, Ella and Bentley. The twins were born just two months before Bentley’s first birthday, proving mom and dad definitely have their hands full.

Pumpkin said in an interview, “The family is really happy. Things have been stressful adjusting to three babies under one-year-old and just five kids in general but it’s nothing me and Josh can’t handle. This just means life is a little more hectic but will be so worth it in the end.” 

With four young kids at home, Pumpkin and Josh definitely deserve a break, and a trip to Vegas was the perfect choice for the young mom to let her hair down and have a great time.

Pumpkin and Josh granted custody of Mama June Road to Redemption star Alana Thompson

After their mother, Mama June, spiraled into drug addiction and legal troubles, Pumpkin, Alana, and older sister, Jessica, started to take care of each other. Pumpkin and Josh took Alana in and cared for her as their own child.

In July, it became official when they were granted custody of Pumpkin’s 16-year-old sister.

Pumpkin and Josh now have sole custody of Alana, leaving her in charge of making all of the decisions necessary for Alana’s care, including medical and schooling decisions. They can also decide if or when Alana will see Mama June and also receive child support from Mama June.

Mama June: Road to Redemption is currently on hiatus.

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