MAFS Where are they now: Season 7’s Dave and Amber

MAFS Dave and Amber stand awkwardly.
MAFS Dave and Amber couldn’t quite make a connection. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight’s Dave Flaherty and Amber Martorana might have said yes on Decision Day, but they said no to forever, as the two split shortly after. While the two may not have found a partner on the show, it seems they found something possibly even more valuable–themselves.

Amber flies south

Things just didn’t pan out for Season 7’s Amber and Dave. While the two started with a lot of chemistry and a lot of promise, things quickly began to go downhill. The couple did stay together past Decision Day but the marriage didn’t make it long after that.

Now Amber is living her best life by diving into her career and spending time with her friends. Her social media is full of parties, events, and nights out with her gal pals.

She also made a big move from her home in Dallas to Tampa Florida and reports that so far she is loving living in the sunshine state. We wonder how many moving vans it took to get her down there? Judging by the number of clothes, purses, and accessories she had during MAFS, we would guess it took a small fleet.

Her social media doesn’t reveal any new boy toys to report, and no announcement of a new relationship has been made, but it does look like Amber is living her best single life.

Ironically enough, Amber has remained a brunette which is both her natural hair color and a fight that she and Dave had continuously while married. After Dave revealed his celebrity crush was Jessica Biel, a tall brunette, Amber, a short blonde at the time, spiraled into deep insecurity about not being Dave’s “type.”

While Dave assured her that he was attracted to her, Amber continued to have her doubts. The doubts even bubbled up as jealousy after Dave complimented one of her brunette friends and Amber was furious.

Amber’s insecurities almost ended the marriage as Dave finally hit a wall on the “mini-moon” retreat that the Season 7 couples went on. But somehow the couple was able to mend things and continue on to Decision Day, where Amber showed up as none other than a brunette.

Amber remains a brunette to this day and it looks like Amber is changing up the phrase “blondes have more fun” because she definitely seems to be loving life more post-MAFS than she ever did as a blonde wife.

Dave flies solo

Amber’s ex MAFS husband Dave Flaherty, also remains single and ready to mingle. The MAFS Season 7 alum, continues to play basketball and golf and spend time with friends and family.

His social media includes lots of photos of him on vacations, hikes, and visiting family in California.

Dave also appears to have flown the Dallas coop as he packed his bags and took off for Arizona. Dave’s posts are fewer and farther between since his MAFS days, most likely to keep some of the backlash at bay. Although the couple did make it through Decision Day, anytime there is a MAFS divorce, there is bound to be an opinion (or several) on it.

Dave posted the divorce announcement to his Instagram back in December of 2018, and he adds for clarity to the post that he was a pretty good cat dad, regardless of popular opinion. He kept it classy saying that he wished nothing for Amber but the best.

While the two may not have found love in the MAFS experiment, they did find a new direction for their lives and a new sense of what was important within them. So not a total loss for these two in our opinion.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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