MAFS viewers officially fed up with Zack following his antics on Decision Day

Zack bits his lip
Zack Freeman had MAFS viewers scratching their heads and feeling fed up. Pic credit: Lifetime

Zack and Michaela were the most explosive couple on Married at First Sight Season 13, and their behavior remained unpredictable even on Decision Day. 

Initially, Michaela was the one deemed toxic for her wild outbursts and seemingly unhinged pettiness. However, by the end, MAFS viewers became fed up with Zack’s antics and warped logic as well. 

Zack’s Decision Day behavior left MAFS viewers both confused by him and tired of him. 

Zack Freeman asks for a divorce despite declaring his love for Michaela Clark. 

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Zack and Michaela appeared to have instant chemistry on their wedding day and were the first to consummate their marriage of all the couples. However, the warm and fuzzy feelings quickly fizzled. 

After a series of knee-jerk blowups from Michaela and abrupt exits from Zack, the two seemed on the fast track towards divorce, even despite their occasional efforts to reconnect and make their marriage work. 

On Decision Day, Zack and Michaela were surprisingly smiley, and Zack even made Michaela emotional as he read a letter that sang her praises. Zack declared that he loved Michaela, and she was the second-best woman he knew apart from his mother. 

However, when the time came to decide, Zack said no and asked for a divorce which visibly annoyed both the experts and Michaela, who wanted to stay married. 

Zack unsuccessfully tried to explain his logic behind saying no, sharing that he wanted to work on their relationship outside of the confines of marriage, but ultimately, Michaela wasn’t having it, and the two went their separate ways. 

MAFS viewers call out Zack’s theatrics and mixed signals 

MAFS viewers certainly had a lot to say about Zack after Decision Day. Many commented that Zack is just as crazy as “Hurricane Michaela” appeared on the show. 

One MAFS viewer expressed their confusion on how Zack could call Michaela the most amazing woman he’s ever met when he knew he didn’t want her. 

TEXT Zack’s critics felt it was cruel of him to give such a praising speech to Michaela only to announce that he wanted a divorce, and they felt that Zack had a pattern of leading Michaela on. 

In a scathing tweet, a MAFS viewer assessed that “Zack is a flip-flopping narcissist who just wants sex. He ain’t at all confused about what he wants.” 

Meanwhile, another viewer declared, “Zack is just a smart dummy. He thinks he sounds smart but he makes zero sense to the people who are listening.” 

Finally, many frustrated MAFS fans tried to make it clear that there wouldn’t be a relationship after the divorce, and one viewer beckoned for Zack to let it go. 

It seems most MAFS fans agree that Zack and Michaela’s divorce was for the best after both of them exhibited unstable and unpredictable behavior. 

Hopefully, whatever Zack and Michaela learned from this relationship will help them evolve as individuals going forward. 

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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