MAFS viewers critique Alexis’ approach to Justin’s celibacy

Alexis on Married at First Sight
Alexis and Justin were matched on Married at First Sight Season 15 in San Diego. Pic credit: Lifetime

Alexis and Justin expressed lots of sexual tension at the start of their marriage. 

Before being married, Justin revealed he had been celibate for over a year.

Alexis was shocked to learn that Justin had gone without sex for that amount of time and wasn’t shy in announcing the news to her friends and family. 

MAFS viewers will recall that, on her wedding day, she immediately yelled out that Justin was celibate to her friends while she and Justin danced on the dance floor. 

Alexis also brought up Justin’s celibacy on the honeymoon. 

While chatting with the other couples in Mexico, the conversation turned to sex, and Alexis revealed that Justin had been celibate for a long time. 

MAFS viewers took to Twitter to react to Alexis’ brazen and continuous declaration of her husband’s information, as the MAFS wife was met with some critique. 

MAFS viewers react to Alexis’ announcing Justin’s celibacy 

A viewer tweeted about Alexis sharing Justin’s business even when nobody asked, writing, “Nobody: Alexis: Y’all hear Justin celibate?” 

Another viewer wrote, “Girl why do you keep volunteering Justin’s celibate business to every damn body?!” 


A MAFS viewer shared a gif as they tweeted, “Alexis at the wedding & on the honeymoon: ‘MY HUSBAND IS CELIBATE.’” 

A viewer reacted to Alexis’ speaking on Justin’s celibacy with the other MAFS couples, writing, “Alexis couldn’t wait to tell the other couples that Justin was celibate, like girl some things are left better unsaid.” 

MAFS viewers compare Alexis and Justin to previous MAFS stars 

One Twitter user tweeted with reference to MAFS Season 9 star Iris Caldwell who often brought up her virginity, “So Alexis gone keep telling everyone this man celibate it’s giving Iris ‘I’m a virgin’ vibes like guh hush that’s not for you to tell.” 

Another MAFS viewer suggested Alexis should be glad Justin showed discipline through his celibacy, unlike previous MAFS husbands Olajuwon Dickerson and Chris Williams. The viewer wrote, “Alexis you don’t want your husband to have been celibate? Is this what you wanted instead? A pass around from the streetz ??” 

A critic suggested, “Alexis might be the problem in the relationship cause…yelling out he’s celibate is weirdddd.” 

Finally, a viewer explained why they find Alexis immature, irritating, and potentially hurtful towards Justin, writing, “Why does Justin keep talking about his Johnson? Alexis is immature. The fact that she keeps telling people about Justin being celibate is annoying. I hope he never tells her anything that could hurt him because she seems like the type to use it to her advantage.” 

Time will tell if Alexis and Justin continue to find happiness in their relationship and if they consummate the marriage. 

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays ay 8/7s on Lifetime. 

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