MAFS viewers call Morgan spiteful, think Binh deserves better

Morgan on Married at First Sight
Morgan and Binh hit a roadblock on Married at First Sight Season 15. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight’s latest episode featured a tense exchange between Morgan and Binh.

Morgan and Binh’s trust has been fragile since the honeymoon when Binh confessed to telling Justin about Morgan’s status as a nurse.

Now, their latest drama has Morgan declaring that Binh lost all her trust and respect.

While Morgan didn’t explicitly state what confidential information Binh was leaking to Justin, she felt he crossed a line and lied to her face.

On the day they were supposed to celebrate their one-month anniversary, Morgan instead threw roses on the ground and confronted Binh for lying.

After their heated exchange, Morgan told Binh she would stay in the marriage so that he would be forced to wake up every day and see how much he hurt her.

MAFS viewers found Morgan’s behavior spiteful and confusing and slammed her on social media.

Morgan receives backlash from MAFS viewers

MAFS viewers didn’t hold back in sharing their scathing thoughts on Morgan.

A critic wrote, “Literally what’s wrong with Morgan?! Who delights in being a wet blanket on their one month anniversary. She’s a spiteful woman who needs to not be married right now. I feel so bad for Binh.”

One viewer tweeted, “Morgan is spiteful & dramatic.” while telling Morgan to relax.

Morgan was called ‘a spiteful wench’ again by a viewer who felt Morgan was actually the disrespectful one in the relationship.

MAFS viewers feel bad for Binh, accuse Morgan of breaking his soul 

MAFs viewers defended Binh, suggesting he’s been manipulated and has lost his spark. 

A viewer tweeted, “Morgan is toxic, narcissistic tendencies are evident in her & if she feels so hurt then she can walk away; she is also an emotional blackmailer. She is trying to break a soul & bring it down to the level of damage she’s at.” 

Finally, a MAFS viewer defended Binh, tweeting, that Binh is harmless and likely just confused.

Morgan and Binh’s relationship is currently on the rocks, and time will tell if they mend the relationship or go their separate ways as Married at First Sight Season 15 continues.

What happened to the other MAFS Season 15 couples this episode? 

Morgan and Binh’s issues kept them from joining the other couples for a group date at the end of the episode. 

The four couples gathered for fun on a party bus and a dinner, where they all went around and gave updates on their marriage. 

Nate shared that he was in love with Stacia, and the pair shared they view their marriage as a ‘forever thing’ after showing off their matching tattoos. 

Stacia and Nate got matching tattoos of their wedding date for their one-month anniversary. 

Lindy and Miguel enjoyed a boat ride for their anniversary, and Lindy revealed to Miguel that he had yet to see the worst side of her. The pair also bonded over re-reading their views, and Lindy felt Miguel had been excellently living up to the vows he wrote for her on their wedding day. 

Krysten got candid about her relationship during the group date. 

Krysten was honest about how she feels she’s been putting in the bulk of the effort in their marriage and that if she continues to always bend for Mitch, she might snap. 

Alexis and Justin struggle to communicate in front of the other couples, as Alexis broke down crying and shared how she feels she has to self-regulate for her husband while she still carries hurt. 

Alexis and Justin got up separately and left the group as they aired their frustrations with cast members and producers. 

With so many ups and downs, stay tuned to see which couples stick together and which couples call it quits. 

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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