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MAFS: Steve Moy asks viewers to refrain from attacking Noi Phommasak online

MAFS star Steve Moy asks viewers not to attack Noi Phommasak amid their divorce.
Steve Moy asks viewers to be compassionate to Noi Phommasak. Pic credit: @therealstevemoy/Instagram

Noi Phommasak and Steve Moy had a nasty spat on social media after announcing the news of their divorce, but Steve is urging viewers not to attack his estranged wife.

Noi has taken quite a beating online as viewers continue to blame her for the demise of her marriage. Furthermore, her snarky divorce announcement didn’t sit well with many people.

Noi shared a photo at the beach with the caption “divorce feels good,” but people were not amused by how she chose to make the announcement. She also restricted comments on her post, but that didn’t stop people from blasting her online. 

Steve later shared his announcement, and Noi slammed him in the comment section and blamed him for requesting the divorce. She also claimed he hasn’t checked in on her dog Sushi, who has been diagnosed with cancer. 

After Steve caught wind of Noi’s comments, he responded in his Instagram Story and refuted some of the claims. 

However, after sharing his side of the story, the 38-year-old later asked his supporters to refrain from bashing Noi in the comments.

Steve Moy asks viewers to show Noi Phommasak compassion

In a message posted on his Instagram Story, Steve asked his followers to send Noi the “Compassionate care and encouragement she needs at this time.”

“At the very least, please don’t attack her in the comments and messages,” he added.

MAFS star Steve Moy asks viewers not to attack Noi Phommasak amid their divorce.
Pic credit: @therealstevemoy/Instagram

Meanwhile, Steve recently admitted to having his share of good days and bad days as he attempts to heal from the demise of his marriage

The Married at First Sight star is leaning on his castmates for support, and he shared a photo during a day out with all the men from his season and noted that they’ve helped get him through the hard times.

Steve Moy says some days are ‘difficult’ amid divorce

The Married at First Sight star looked happy in the photo with his castmates Olajuwon Dickerson, Mark Maher, Michael Morency, and Chris Collette.

“It’s ok to not always be ok,” wrote Steve in his caption. “Some days I feel great, while others can be pretty difficult.”

He continued, “Some days I’m completely fine on my own. Other days I feel alone, and really benefit from having people to talk to, be around, pass time, and sometimes help me work through what it is I’m struggling through.”

Before ending his post, Steve noted that he was “thankful” to be with his MAFS castmates.

“They were there from the beginning, and they’re here with me now as I try to close this chapter. In return, I’m here for them. Thanks for lifting me up, and never letting me down,” he added.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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