MAFS: Steve admits he and Noi are still trying to work out the ‘challenges’ in their marriage

MAFS alum Steve Moy admits to challenges in his marriage to Noi.
Steve Moy shares photos with his wife Noi Phommasak. Pic credit: @therealstevemoy/Instagram

The Married at First Sight experiment is over for Boston couple Noi Phommasak and Steve Moy but real married life has just begun.

The problems they faced while filming the show didn’t just disappear after the cameras wrapped and Steve recently confessed on social media that they are still working through their challenges. Some of those challenges involved the topic of children, which the two could not seem to quite agree on.

Steve’s job as a freelancer was also a major issue in their relationship as Noi had imagined marrying a man with a 9-5 job. The couple also butted heads while discussing their living arrangements after they were done filming

Noi wanted to live separately and continue work on their marriage but Steve felt that wouldn’t be the best thing for their relationship. All in all, the couple has quite a bit to work through and according to Steve, they’re still a work in progress.

Steve and Noi are trying to work out the ‘challenges’ in their marriage

The Married at First Sight star gave viewers a look at some happy moments between him and Noi. However, Steve admitted that their marriage is not perfect, especially as they traverse being in the public eye.

“It should come as no surprise at this point that we are trying to navigate the challenges we face in our private relationship,” said Steve in his Instagram post.

The 38-year-old acknowledged that after becoming public on social media people are now invested in their relationship and want details.

However, he noted, “We have been choosing not to share some things while we work through, and figure things out, while at the same time recognizing that it’s expected for some people to want to know more.”

Steve Moy says a lot has happened since filming wrapped

Steve continued to open up about his relationship in the Instagram post and revealed what his biggest challenges with his wife Noi have been.

“How we as people, and I as an individual show up for others is very important to me,” noted Steve. “My biggest challenge lately is figuring out how I can show up while still being authentic and true to myself and my feelings.”

He continued, “Considering the time difference between filming and airing of the episodes, and the fact that filming occurred during a fraction of the duration of our relationship, it’s safe to say a lot has happened since.”

Nonetheless, Steve called his relationship with Noi “truly special, and full of love.”

“Although we face our own set of challenges, one thing’s for sure, our chemistry can’t be denied. I’d like to share some of the good times,” he added.

Married at First Sight premieres Wednesday, July 6, on Lifetime. 

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