MAFS: Stacia explains why she had no reservations about taking her new husband’s last name

Married at First Sight's Stacia Karcher reveals the reason she changed her last name.
Stacia Karcher explains why she was ready to change her last name. Pic credit: Lifetime

Stacia Karcher has become one of the most talked about cast members from the current season of Married at First Sight.

She’s successful in her career and has a solid circle of friends and family who support her. The only thing she felt was missing in her life is love.

When Stacia signed up for the show, she confessed to feeling like it might be her last hope to get the marriage and family she always hoped for.

She was matched with Nate, who was more relaxed and free-spirited than she. However, the two quickly acknowledged their mutual physical attraction and budding chemistry.

After they agreed to get married and enjoyed their honeymoon, Stacia and Nate moved in together and started their lives as newlyweds.

While they have had multiple arguments and disagreements, Stacia has made it clear that she is committed to making her marriage work. In fact, she’s already changed her last name to show how dedicated she is to her husband.

Stacia Karcher explains why she was excited to change her last name

In a recent episode of MAFS After Party, Stacia was asked about her eagerness to drop her last name and take on Nate’s.

She explained how she does not have any connection or strong ties to her maiden name, which made the decision to change it an easy one for her.

In a previous episode, Stacia explained how she does not have a relationship with her father and feels no allegiance to her last name.

Stacia’s decision to adopt Nate’s last name stemmed from wanting to create her own identity and establish a life with her husband.

Stacia says she changed her name very early into their marriage and was excited to shed her old name. Stacia also previously mentioned that even if things do not work out with Nate, she will likely not go back to using her maiden name as she feels no connection to it.

MAFS fans are still unsure about Stacia Karcher and Nate Barnes’ relationship

From the beginning, fans have been vocal about their feelings about Stacia and Nate’s relationship.

While some think they have great chemistry and the potential to have a lasting marriage, others believe Nate is too immature for Stacia and not ready for this level of commitment.

Finances have also become a topic of concern for the couple. A recent episode revealed their individual incomes and financial history.

Stacia makes significantly more money than Nate, which she doesn’t seem to have a problem with. However, after admitting to his bankruptcy and failed business, some fans worry the money issue will become a bigger problem in the near future.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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