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MAFS spoilers: Johnny lets it slip that he never spends the night at the apartment

MAFS Bao Hoang sheds tears
MAFS Season 13’s Bao Hoang looks heartbroken in the episode trailer Pic credit: Lifetime

Johnny Lam let slip a tantalizing clue about the status of his and Bao’s relationship. During the latest episode of MAFS Unfiltered, Johnny disclosed that he never spends the night at the couple’s shared apartment!

In an uncharacteristic slip of the tongue for Unfiltered, Johnny admits to Jamie Otis, that he never spent the night at the couple’s shared apartment in Houston.

The comment came after Jamie shared a clip of the trailer for the show’s upcoming episode. The clip showed Johnny telling Bao that he would be going home to his apartment after dinner.

After the clip ended, Johnny’s costar, Myrla Feria, was shocked and questioned Johnny about not spending even the first night at the apartment. To which Johnny made the comment, that he, in fact, never stayed at the apartment.

The comment is especially shocking since, as we have seen in past seasons, the apartments have an extra bedroom, so feuding couples can have a little breathing room. So for Johnny to opt-out of even the guest room option makes it seem like the rift between the two could be significant.

The news came as a shock to fans who thought things between the couple were going fairly well. The most recent episode showed Johnny and Bao enjoying their honeymoon for the most part, with only a few small hiccups here or there. So what could have caused the couple to go from honeymoon parasailing bliss to Johnny not even staying in the couple’s shared apartment in Houston?

Johnny tells Bao to clean up her act

Married at First Sight fans are wondering if the separate sleeping spaces could be due to Johnny’s hygiene request. On the last day of the honeymoon, Johnny laid down the law with Bao about showering before bed, especially if she had been working out.

Bao seemed unsure of the request and tried to reach a compromise by offering on the nights that she did not want to shower, that she could just sleep on the couch. Johnny did not seem too keen on the idea, and the couple left the conversation with the issue unresolved.

But while the couple might have finished their conversation about hygiene, fans were just getting started. Many were shocked by Johnny’s request, but others said they understood.

But regardless of if MAFS fans were on the fence, Johnny made his point clear. He likes a clean bed and a clean partner. The trailer also showed Bao telling Johnny she would not be participating in his nighttime hygiene routine and Johnny looking upset. Could that be the reason Johnny decided he would rather sleep solo?

We also can’t help but wonder if Johnny’s comment means that he never slept in the apartment ever because he and Bao split up shortly after the honeymoon, or if it meant they took a hiatus from sleeping together until they could work things out and move out of the shared apartment.

With so many unanswered questions, we sure hope the next episode will bring a few answers!

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.