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MAFS Spoiler: The new trailer reveals ‘Hurricane K’ blows through the couples’ retreat

MAFS Michaela looks furious
MAFS Season 13 star Michaela looks furious. Pic credit: Lifetime

We knew we hadn’t seen the last of “Hurricane K” but who knew she would show up again with such force.

As the trailer for the next week’s Married At First Sight Season 13 episode was unveiled, fans cringed as Michaela experienced what Zack called a “Category 5” episode.

Everything is bigger in Texas, and that must include the drama. The Married at First Sight couples retreat always brings some skirmishes between the couples but this season’s retreat looks like it’s an all-out war, as Michaela and Zack’s fighting reaches a whole new level.

Michaela has a moment

The trailer begins with Zack and Michaela sitting in bed as Michaela talks with an unknown person on the phone, as she tells them that “Zackary has a problem” but she’s not sure what it is because they just had a little “miscommunication.” Zack asks for Michaela to hand him the phone and the fight continues to escalate as Michaela tells him to “go home now.”

The trailer then cuts to Zack packing his things and attempting to leave the retreat with Michaela on his heels yelling at him. She then takes his suitcase and throws it back towards their room. Zack takes it back and leaves as Michaela continues to yell and then begins to flip things over in the cabin.

Bao tells the cameras that the other couples were seeing a side of Zack and Michaela that they never expected to see and it was “shocking.”

Michaela then is seen with a producer attempting to hold her back as she knocks over a glass of wine on her way to slam the door on the camera crew.

It was an intense scene, to say the least.

Will this be the end of Zack and Michaela?

Unfortunately, we already know how the story of Zack and Michaela ends. In an unprecedented slip of a non-disclosure agreement, Michaela broke every rule in the MAFS book and posted to her Instagram that she and Zack were “very estranged.”

The part we don’t know is when and how the two reached that point, but after the recent trailer, we feel pretty certain that the couples retreat might hold those answers.

This isn’t the first time Zack and Michaela have experienced hurricane-level fights, with the first one starting the day after Zack’s return from the honeymoon. Michaela left the honeymoon early due to Zack’s positive COVID-19 test. When he returned, the couple had a blissful reunion which unfortunately lasted less than 24 hours.

The following morning the couple had a huge blowout and Michaela moved out. Many fans wondered if the couple could rebuild after the episode, and while their progress was tenuous, it did seem to be moving forward.

But it seems whatever progress the two had made, will be blown down at the upcoming couple’s retreat. So we are packing our rain slickers and sandbags because it looks like Hurricane K will be blowing in in full force.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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