MAFS signs: Michaela and Zack’s astrological signs predicted this lack of communication

MAFS Michaela looks confused
MAFS Michaela is confused by Zack. Pic credit: Lifetime

Michaela Clark and Zack Freeman are by far one of the more explosive couples on Married At First Sight Season 13. Their fundamental lack of communication leads to intense blowups, breakups, and walkouts. But could their astrology be the cause of all their crossed wires?

We would love to get our hands on Michaela’s full chart because we are willing to bet it is full of fire signs. Her fiery communication is the hallmark of an Aries, but in fact, she is a Taurus. Which makes some sense too.

As we saw with Bao, Taurus is all about the home. So Michaela thinking Zack had left their home without telling her, equates to him abandoning her.

To a Taurus, home is everything. It also explains why when she gets mad, she moves out. It is her representation of leaving Zack and leaving the relationship. In her mind, it is the worst thing she could do, because to a Taurus it is.

“Hurricane K” explained

So while Zack couldn’t understand Michaela’s explosive reaction to their miscommunication about where he was when he took his dog to doggie daycare, from an astrological perspective, it makes sense.

Zack inexplicably (to Michaela) left the home, so Michaela felt abandoned because in her mind Zack leaving the home=Zack leaving her. While it might make sense to the Zodiac, it certainly didn’t make sense to fans as they weighed in on Michaela’s walkout, and let’s just say the reviews were not raving.

Fans also fired at Michaela over her explosive reaction to Zack contracting Covid on the honeymoon. But once again, to a Taurus, separate homes can mean a separate relationship.It also lends itself to why she would choose to fly home as opposed to staying in a separate hotel room.

The Taurus is the sign of the bull. This means while the Earth sign Taurus is generally more grounded, some can exhibit more of the bull tendencies of once they are triggered, they are off.

They can be stubborn and have one-track minds, so even if they are causing harm or running over the people they care about, they might not notice it. Enter, Hurricane K. Michaela’s alter ego when she gets angry, which storms in demolishing everything in sight.

It can be a bit like a bull with a flag being waved in front of it, there’s no time to reason with them. Once they are calmer, they could see the error of their ways, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it will stop them from charging through again, once that red flag is waved.

Which pretty much sums up Michaela’s entire fighting style. When she is calm she can logically see her behavior is not helpful, but once Zack waves that flag, intentionally or not, she’s off.

Zack attempts to balance the scales

Zack is a Libra. The sign of the scales. Peace, fairness, and calm. Meaning Libra does not like trouble. Unlike some of its fiery cohorts, Libra’s are not big fans of the fight. In fact, they usually avoid them at all costs.

This explains why Zack doesn’t generally stick around long after the fights with Michaela, for a Libra, confrontation is very uncomfortable. Whereas to some signs, like an Aries, or a Taurus, confrontation can be quite second nature.

But remember Libra, is all about the balance, they are the peacemakers. So to have someone tip the scales as Michaela tends to do would cause a Libra to head for the hills pretty quickly. That kind of confrontation could also feel pretty traumatic to a Libra, making it hard to trust again or come back around, in case it happened again. Which pretty much sums up Zack and Michaela’s current relationship.

As an air sign, Libra is more mobile, and not as grounded or connected as a Taurus. They don’t pay as much attention to timelines so Zack leaving without telling Michaela exactly where he was going, is very in line with a Libra.

Basically, the two’s communication styles are going to be fundamentally different. Grounded Taurus would love check-ins and time frames, whereas air-bound Libra’s most likely would feel very constrained by that. It just wouldn’t be their first nature. They might agree to it, in order to keep the peace, but it would not feel as comfortable for them.

What’s in the stars for this couple?

So are these two doomed to fail by fate?

Taurus and Libra are not actually a horrible match generally. Both often share a love of art and culture and both are ruled by the planet Venus, the planet of love, comfort, and luxury. Often the Taurean groundedness can bring Libra down to Earth and push them through their indecisiveness while calm Libra can soothe a Taurus when they don’t get their way.

But once again, the signs all have aspects and ranges, so some people can exhibit more of one aspect than another. For example, Michaela exhibits a lot of the bull aspects, whereas cool-headed Bao, exhibits more of the groundedness Taurus is generally known for.

So the match is not necessarily star-crossed, but in this case, the two seem to bring out the worst aspects of each other and their signs. Will the couple be able to up their connection and uncross some of their wires? Or will Libra Zack blow right past Michaela the bull?

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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