MAFS: Rachel reveals she spent the night with her ex, will it destroy her marriage?

MAFS Rachel and Jose talk with Dr. Pepper
Rachel tells all in last night’s episode of Married at First Sight. Pic credit: Lifetime

Last night’s episode was one wild ride as bombs were dropped and secrets were revealed left, right, and sideways.

One of the most shocking moments from last night’s episode was Rachel’s big reveal to Jose that she had spent the night with her ex.

Rachel’s big news

Rachel finally came clean to Jose about the truth of where she slept the night he accidentally locked her out of the apartment.

And it was shocking.

Rachel revealed that after banging on her and Jose’s apartment door, and every other couple’s door, she finally gave up and tried calling friends and acquaintances. She said the only person who picked up at that late hour was her ex-boyfriend and that had been where she had stayed that night.

Surprisingly enough, some fans actually saw this coming. Yesterday Married at First Sight’s official Lifetime Instagram dropped a teaser post asking who fans thought would be revealing their secret sleepover with an ex that night.

While many fans thought it was Ryan, some were right on the mark by guessing it was Rachel and some even nailed it being on the unaccounted for night she spent locked out of the couple’s apartment.

Although, after the confession, she had quickly added that nothing at all had happened and the only reason she had stayed at all was that he had been the only one to answer his phone.

Jose shows growth

Following Rachel’s confession, fans and experts began battening down the hatches, feeling certain another Jose explosion was on its way but instead, Jose surprised everyone, Rachel included, by keeping a calm head about the whole thing.

While there was some tension and awkwardness, Jose said “when you trust someone, you trust someone.” He admitted the information would be on his radar but that he understood what had happened and wasn’t going to make the situation worse. Way to go Jose!

It seems Jose has come a long way from the guy we saw earlier in the season whose story of “accidentally” locking his wife out of the house wasn’t even bought by his costars who felt there were some serious holes in his story.

But he did end up apologizing and the two even have reminder note cards on their refrigerator of how Jose will always be sure his wife is safe before locking the door at night. And to be fair the two have not had any further explosive disagreements so, between the note cards and the Dr. Pepper meetings, it looks like some progress has been made.

But is Jose really ok? Between Jose’s jealous tendencies and Rachel’s past, we are just not sure that we have heard the end of this secret or its repercussions.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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