MAFS: Myrla Feria steals her future sister-in-law’s style in long black dress

Myrla Feria
Myrla Feria appeared on Married at First Sight Season 13. Pic credit: @myrla.feria/Instagram

Myrla Feria referenced her “future sister-in-law” in a recent post.  

Myrla, known for her love of fashion, tried on a long black dress with some special meaning behind it. 

It appears the MAFS star has been in a positive season as she enjoys a new romantic relationship with her mystery man. 

Her recent post reflected her good spirits as she smiled for the camera. 

While Myrla’s “future sister-in-law” wasn’t featured in the photo, she was mentioned in the text and a second post. 

An adorable dog also appeared to be attentive to Myrla as she posed in the dress. 

Myrla Feria beams in black dress 

Myrla Feria took to her Instagram Stories to share her smiling photo. 

In the image, Myrla posed with her long hair hanging down and cascading down her shoulder.

Her black dress featured mid-length sleeves, a plunging v-neckline, and buttons down the middle. 

Myrla wrote over the photo, “My future sister in law wore this in Spain last year and I finally found it! Theo approves lol.” 

Myrla Feria's Instagram Story
Pic credit: @myrla.feria/Instagram

Myrla also shared a post featuring her time eating in Spain with a woman tagged as @_steviek_ who wore a similar black dress. 

Myrla Feria's Instagram Story
Pic credit: @myrla.feria/Instagram

Myrla Feria shares another coy photo of mystery man

While Myrla has been sharing several posts regarding her new relationship, she’s kept her man’s identity mostly private. 

Myrla has only teased glimpses of her man, with his face usually obscured. 

In her recent post, Myrla shared a photo of him snuggling a dog, with only the lower half of his face visible in the car. 

Myrla captioned the post, “Fresh cut Sundays…”.

In September, Myrla gave followers a closer, although still somewhat hard to decipher, view of her new love as they snuggled together with Myrla holding a neon heart balloon that read, “I heart You.”

Love was in the air all through Myrla’s post and caption as she played Keyshia Cole’s Love over the video and used hashtags such as #loveislove and #feelingloved.  

On Married at First Sight, Myrla was married to fan favorite Gil Cuero. 

While Myrla and Gil’s differences were glaring, they appeared to have found a bond throughout the process. 

On Decision Day, Myrla and Gil agreed to stay married, but their marriage didn’t last long after the cameras went away.

During the MAFS reunion, the couple revealed that Myrla asked for a divorce two weeks after the show.

Her MAFS experience ended in divorce, but it seems Myrla is still hopeful about love and may even see marriage in her near future. 

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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