MAFS: Lindsey Georgoulis opens up about ongoing migraine issues 

Lindsey Georgoulis
Lindsey Georgoulis reminds followers to advocate for their health. Pic credit: Lifetime

Lindsey Georgoulis remains passionate about using her platform to educate about health.

Her recent video saw her sharing her own struggles with migraines.  

Lindsey is a registered nurse that appeared on Married at First Sight Season 14 in Boston. 

On the Boston season, Lindsey was matched with Mark Maher, who previously applied for the show years ago. 

Mark and Lindsey had a tumultuous relationship with several ups and downs, but they felt hopeful enough about their marriage to say yes to staying married on Decision Day. 

By the time of the Married at First Sight Season 14 reunion, Lindsey and Mark had confirmed their divorce, and Lindsey has since started a new life in California. 

Lindsey Georgoulis details her recent diagnosis 

Lindsey Georgoulis rolled out of bed and took to Instagram to share a video about her health and longtime battle with migraines. 

In the video, Lindsey explained that she’s a puker and gets migraines, and had woken up with an upset stomach and feeling that she would throw up for years. She also noted that when she throws up, she can’t stop. 

Lindsey explained both in the video and her caption that she had gone to many specialists to seek a solution, and she finally got an answer after 20 years of tests. 

Lindsey’s diagnosis revealed she’s been dealing with abdominal migraines. 

When the doctors helped her find answers, she admitted to becoming emotional and shedding tears because she felt she finally had the solution she’d been searching for so long to find. She noted that migraines are also hereditary and her estranged mother also dealt with migraines. 

Lindsey shared, “It’s been a few months and my migraines happen seldomly now. The solution was a new Med to take every night before bed, and an emergency triptan.”

Explaining why she was opening up about her abdominal migraines on social media, Lindsey shared that as a healthcare professional, she knows how discouraging care can be. She wanted to remind her followers not to be afraid of getting a second opinion from another practice.

Lindsey Georgoulis says prolonged migraines are dangerous 

Lindsey received over 400 likes and several comments on her post, with some followers seeking more advice and input from the MAFS nurse. 

One commenter wanted to know more about what the doctor recommends to treat the migraines. 

Lindsey replied that the treatment depends on the patient. 

Lindsey Georgoulis' comments
Pic credit: @asknurselindsey/Instagram

She also shared that “prolonged migraines are just as dangerous as prolonged hypertension.” 

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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