MAFS: Kevin Frazier teases the Reunion Special will ‘break our hearts’

MAFS Gil cries on Reunion special.
MAFS Gil tears up during the Reunion Special. Pic credit: Lifetime

As intense as the Married at First Sight Season 13 Decision Day was, apparently it was nothing compared to the upcoming Reunion Special hosted by Kevin Frazier. According to Kevin we better get the tissues ready because something about the reunion will “break our hearts.”

Kevin spills on MAFS Reunion details

Married at First Sight Season 13’s Decision Day has come and gone, which means up next, is the infamous Reunion Special, hosted by Kevin Frazier.

The reunion often holds big reveals and big secrets and judging from the trailers, it looks like this season is no exception. And according to Kevin Frazier, this reunion will definitely not disappoint.

The Married at First Sight official Lifetime Twitter page posted a comment made by a fan directed at Kevin Frazier, saying they couldn’t wait for the reunion. And Kevin replied.

The trailer reveals Gil Cuero tearing up and also walking off the stage, clearly very upset. One fan commented that they couldn’t wait to see why, and Kevin responded “the reason will break your heart.”

No, Gil, no! Gil was such a fan favorite of the season, always keeping it drama-free, calm, cool, and collected. So whatever has gotten Gil shaken, must be pretty intense.

Kevin Frazier Tweet
Pic credit: @ MAFSLifetime/Twitter

But wait, there’s more…

We are not sure our hearts can take anymore, but okay Kevin, what else is going to happen?

Another fan weighed in saying that Gil was looking extra cute with his new beard and saying that he should have been paired with Brett.

Kevin responded saying that Gil was “his MVP of the season” especially with what happened at the reunion. Oh no. That statement does not bode well for Gil.

Kevin Frazier says Gil is his MVP of the season.
Pic credit: @MAFSLifetime/Twitter

Nor does it bode well for the fans who have voted Gil as the official fan favorite of the season. So not only is he Kevin’s “MVP” he is also the viewers’ choice, and we doubt they are going to be pleased to see him upset.

But what could have caused the Gil breakdown, did he and Myrla part ways? According to many rumors, and the reunion preview, it does look like Gil and Myrla may have split.

So is that what is causing all the tears on the reunion special? It’s hard to say. It could be completely relationship unrelated. Maybe it is something that happened at his firefighting job, maybe it has something to do with his dog or his family. There are a million things that could be causing Gil’s crying spell.

Although between the rumors and Kevin’s cryptic comments, it does seem like the most likely reason is his marriage.

We guess we will just be left in suspense until the Reunion Special finally airs.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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