MAFS: Johnny reveals what he really wanted to say to Bao at the dinner table

Johnny and Bao had an intense dinner when reunited with the other Married at First Sight couples. Pic credit: Lifetime

Just when Johnny Lam and Bao Houng Haung were making strides in their relationship on Married at First Sight, they hit a detour once more.

While hanging out with the other couples in the experiment should have given some much-needed insight, it did the opposite for these two.

When asked if they were falling in love, it opened a can of worms.

Explaining that although she was growing in like with Johnny, Bao revealed to the group that, “I’m learning that Johnny needs me to initiate more, essentially romance my husband.”

The administrative director added, “I don’t previously have experience doing. I’ve mostly benefitted in my past relationships where I’m being courted.”

This hit a nerve with Johnny as he sat quietly, anxiously ripping the petals of the rose he gifted Bao. Telling producers that Bao likes to play the victim card, Johnny pointed out, “It always her that’s trying too hard and I’m not trying hard enough.”

When asked for his opinion in front of the other couples, the 35-year-old refused, noting, “There is a lot I want to say, but I want to say it first to my wife.”

Johnny reveals what he really wanted to say to Bao at dinner

While at the time Johnny wanted to speak with his wife first, he got candid in a conversation with Jamie Otis about what he wanted to say during that heated moment.

“The way that she says that she’s initiating everything, I don’t think that’s true. The way that she says she’s doing all these little things, yeah, but I mean, that’s not, like what I’m asking for,” the IT professional explained. “Like, I’m not asking you to — let’s say she sewed, like, a button for me on my shorts — she’s doing her love language.”

Clearly having a differing love language than his partner, he noted, “And I wanna tell her, like, these are all great because this is how you express love, but this is how I receive love. That doesn’t speak to me.”

Johnny told Bao he needed more spontaneity in their relationship

Johnny previously revealed that everything in his life feels so planned, so he would like their intimate moments to be more spontaneous.

Previously telling his wife, “When we have sex, it’s kind of like, there was no indication that we’re gonna have sex, but ‘boom.’ We have sex. It just, to me, is, like, the little moments of building the tension.”

However, he further clarified what he wanted on Unfiltered, and added, “My complaint is that I don’t want it to be, like, a part of our routine. It’s like, ‘Oh, it’s sex time,’ like, come on.”

Tune into Married at First Sight to see if Johnny and Bao will be able to make their marriage work.

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