MAFS fans are suspicious of Nate’s relationship with friend Megan

Megan on Married at First Sight
Nate’s friendship with Megan got MAFS viewers talking. Pic credit: Lifetime

Stacia and Nate hit it off on their wedding day, but MAFS viewers think Nate may have a friendship that could threaten their marriage.

Nate’s friend Megan has appeared several times in the last few episodes, and the pair have a tight bond after knowing one another for a year.

In every scene she’s in, Megan makes it appoint to praise Nate and express her gratitude for their close relationship.

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In the latest episode, Stacia and Megan had a chance to chat at the wedding with Nate. Viewers noticed some questionable behavior during the conversation and believed Megan might have romantic feelings for Nate.

Stacia seemed to pick up on Megan’s attachment to Nate as well, and when asked about her thoughts on Nate’s female friendships, Stacia emphasized the importance of boundaries.

Nate and Megan’s relationship had MAFS viewers buzzing as they weighed in on the pair’s suspicious connection.

MAFS viewers are skeptical about Nate’s friend Megan

A MAFS viewer took to Twitter and expressed, “Listen, us women KNOW when another woman is feeling our man a little too much…and this Megan chick is definitely giving all types of red flag vibes.”

A commenter predicted, “He’s visited that for 2am booty calls and she’s in love. She drank too much and her feelings were so obvious. Wife is not going to take this well in the future.”

MAFS tweets
Pic credit: @LaurenW29960716/Twitter

One Twitter user was irritated by Megan’s introduction to Stacia, writing, “[Nate’s] female friend who was in their face talking then introduced herself really bugged me Stacia was looking at her like I don’t think so we are not playing charades or anything else for that matter.” 

A commenter wrote, “I don’t get it. She seemed way too happy to butt into their relationship.” Another added, “Totally inappropriate!” 

MAFS tweets
Pic credit: @realityfun2/Twitter

During Stacia and Nate’s wedding ceremony, Nate’s friends wanted Stacia to know he’s a “freak in the sheets.” A MAFS viewer suggested it was Megan who added that line, writing, “I know it was Megan that said Nate was a freak in the sheets!” 

Many viewers felt Nate and Megan had been physically intimate in the past, with one MAFS fan writing, “Nate and Meg have definitely seen each other naked.” 

Another MAFS viewer shared, “Wait, she only knew Nate for a year?!?… and she’s getting emotional talking about him?! He can’t even look at her, being all awkward. Blondie definitely ‘knows’ Nate.” 

MAFS viewers support Stacia setting boundaries with Nate’s friends

When speaking with Stacia, Megan expressed looking forward to bringing Stacia along for her and Nate’s game nights and sunset hikes. However, Stacia appeared to shut down the idea of Nate spending lots of time having game nights with Megan going forward, and fans took Stacia’s side. 

A MAFS fan tweeted, “I’m [100] with Stacia on this. Blondie’s gotta back off and forget about sunsets with her man.”

A viewer felt confident Megan would become a problem and encouraged Stacia to shut Megan down. Their tweet read, “She need to shut that chick down. She definitely going be a problem if she don’t set that boundary with that chick from jump.” 

Another commenter added, “agreed!! I can’t wait for that episode where she put miss Megan in check.” 

MAFS tweets
Pic credit: @AuthorSherylA/Twitter

One viewer shared a photo of Stacia’s telling expression during her conversation with Megan, writing, “Stacia’s face says EVERYTHING!!!” 

A viewer applauded Stacia, writing, “I’m glad Stacia got her ‘eyes wide open’ when it comes to Nate’s friend Miss Megan.” 

Time will tell if Nate and Megan’s friendship causes a wedge in his marriage with Stacia as Married at First Sight Season 15 continues.  

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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