MAFS: Fans are split over Rachel and Jose’s decision

MAFS Rachel and Jose look nervous on Decision Day.
MAFS Rachel and Jose were nervous. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight Season 13’s Rachel Gordillo and Jose San Miguel went into Decision Day both a little nervous. While the couple enjoyed a peaceful marriage for most of the season, there were a few hiccups along the way that caused both spouses and fans to have some hesitation over the couple saying yes.

Viewer opinions are split on Rachel and Jose’s relationship

MAFS Season 13’s Rachel and Jose started off as a fan favorite and while some viewers stayed team Rachel and Jose throughout the season, their fan club definitely took a hit after their major first fight.

Rachel and Jose had an instant connection from their wedding day on, and their spicy romance had many thinking they would be crossing the Decision Day finish line with no problem.

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But the couple’s happiness hiccup finally came, and when it came it was a real doozy. Rachel accidentally called Jose by their costar, Johnny’s name, and Jose took it very personally.

After yelling at Rachel and one of the show’s producers who had stepped in to deescalate the situation, Jose finally appeared to calm down. But when Rachel went to walk the producer out, she came back to find herself unceremoniously locked out of the apartment. After banging on her costars apartment doors to no avail, Rachel ended up sleeping at her ex-boyfriend’s house.

Although the couple did finally work through the fight, the two were nervous going into Decision Day, and although both Rachel and Jose said yes, some fans felt they should have said no.

Some viewers felt that Jose locking Rachel out was not likely to be a one-time occurrence and that Rachel’s reaching out to an ex was a red flag. So while the experts and the couple were thrilled, some fans were not as convinced.

But on the flip side, some fans were. They felt that the incident was a one-time thing that the two could learn from and move on. Those fans joined the couple in celebrating their Decision Day yes.

Should Rachel run?

After the lockout incident fan opinion took a turn on Jose. While Jose claimed that locking Rachel out of the apartment was an accident, even his fellow costars felt like there was something missing in Jose’s story.

While MAFS fans are no strangers to lovers’ quarrels, locking a spouse out of the house is pretty extreme even for MAFS. Fans felt Jose had crossed a line that he might not be able to come back from. And the fact that Jose appeared wholly unapologetic for several days following the incident, did not win him any points with fans either. In fact, viewers took to social media to tell Rachel to “run.”

Even after Rachel accepted Jose’s belated apology fans continued to say she shouldn’t have taken him back.

While some fans felt Rachel should have run a long time ago, there are still others who say that love conquers all that, and Rachel and Jose have as good a chance as any other couple to make it.

But as we have seen Married at First Sight is always full of surprises. So while the viewer verdict is mixed, there is no telling how this couple will actually turn out or what shocking revelations, the Reunion special will hold.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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