MAFS Couples Cam: Why won’t Greg kiss Deonna?

MAFS Deonna and Greg smile on their wedding day
MAFS Deonna and Greg Okotie smile on their wedding day. Pic credit: Lifetime

The tables appear to have turned for MAFS Season 9 couple Greg and Deonna Okotie, as recent MAFS: Couples’ Cam reveal, Greg continues to refuse to kiss his wife.

Many fans and experts alike are wondering … could this be a hint of trouble for the couple?

Could Greg refusing to kiss Deonna mean trouble for the MAFS couple?

The couple recently had their first child together, baby boy Declan, and the stress of the new baby seems to be affecting more than just the couple’s sleep schedule.

Twice during the show, Deonna asked Greg for a kiss, and twice Greg refused. The first time, he cited Deonna’s “late-night breath” as the reason for not kissing her. Then, when Deonna was sneaking in a little self-care while baby Declan slept, Greg refused to kiss her again due to her having “stuff on her face,” referring to her face mask pads.

While one refused kiss between a sleep-deprived couple with a newborn isn’t exactly a cause for alarm just yet, two refused kisses do begin to raise a few red flags. Could the couple be going through a rough patch?

It is definitely a turn of the tables from how the couple began.

The tables have turned in Greg and Deonna’s relationship

When the couple met and got married in Season 9 of Married At First Sight, Greg and Deonna Okotie did not exactly have an instant connection. While the couple didn’t display some of the intense arguments or fidelity issues the other couples of their season presented with, they seemed to have their own struggles.

Deonna was initially very hesitant towards any kind of intimacy with Greg. She struggled to hold hands with him and the couple took their time on consummating their marriage. Deonna had even asked Greg to tone down his compliments of her, as she felt they were “too much.” The couple took it slow and steady and eventually won the race, as, on Decision Day, they were one of the few Season 9 couples that did remain together.

The couple continued to progress in their relationship as they settled into their new home together, and soon after, announced the upcoming birth of their first child together. Fans had high hopes for this couple despite their slow start.

But now, things seem to have taken a turn for the couple, and not necessarily a good one. Perhaps it can be chalked up to the stress of a new baby, little sleep, and the continuation of their marriage on camera and in the public eye.

Hopefully, as baby Declan starts to get more on the couple’s sleep schedule, Deonna and Greg can get their marriage back on track and Deonna will receive all the kisses she has asked for and more.

Married at First Sight Airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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