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MAFS: Clara Berghaus thought she was going on the kickoff special to give advice

Former Married at First Sight bride Clara Oubre created quite a stir with an appearance on the Season 14 kick-off special. Pic credit: @claraoubre/Instagram

Season 12 of Married at First Sight is the season that keeps on giving.

With the experiment based in Boston set to premiere this week, the drama still isn’t finished with the Atlanta cast.

Despite being relatively quiet about their recent divorce, the tea is spilling for Season 12 couple Ryan Oubre and Clara Berghaus.

Initially thinking she was on the Season 14 kick-off special to give advice on the MAFS process, the 27-year-old ended up shedding more light on what led to her divorce from her former husband.

Clara Berghaus thought she was going on the kickoff special to give advice

While Clara’s appearance on the Boston kick-off special led to tidbits of her divorce with Ryan Oubre being released, that’s not what she thought she signed up for.

In the green gown she wore to the Season 14 special, Clara uploaded a TikTok with the caption, “When you think you’re going on tv to give expert relationship advice, but it turns out you’re spilling the tea.”

Clara thought she was giving relationship advice when appearing on the Season 14 kick-off special. Pic credit: @claraoubre/Instagram

While getting interviewed by host Kevin Frazier, Clara described things going well with her husband after Decision Day, but there came a time when the two were constantly fighting.

Finally, after months of counseling, Clara revealed that after a day of house shopping together, Ryan dropped the bomb that he didn’t see a future with her and asked her for a divorce.

Clara explains why she decided to speak on her Married at First Sight divorce

Ahead of the kick-off special, Clara also took to Instagram to unload her thoughts about the televised conversation.

“Every story has two sides. This is mine,” the flight attendant wrote as her caption. “I’ve spent the last six months of therapy, reflecting over my @mafslifetime experience and I’ve learned more than I could ever imagine. I never thought I would speak publicly about my divorce but I’ve realized that, while I don’t owe anyone any explanations, I also don’t owe anyone my silence.”

She added, “And as nerve-wracking as this experience is, I know that telling my story will be integral to my healing process and let me tell you, I’m so ready to put all of this behind me.”

Ryan accuses Clara of using their divorce for monetary gain

With Ryan uploading a 10-page statement of his on Instagram, he broke his silence and revealed that the “most unfortunate part” of his divorce was how it unfolded.

Accusing Clara using their divorce as “content for clicks, likes, TikTok dances and the attention of the masses,” he said her capitalizing off their divorce was “the biggest blindside of all.”

Married at First Sight premieres Wednesday, January 5th at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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