MAFS: Briana Myles shares her favorite texts from husband Vincent Morales

Married at First Sight star Briana Myles shares the best texts she's gotten from her husband Vincent Morales.
Briana Myles shares adorable texts from her husband, Vincent Morales. Pic credit: Lifetime

Fans of Married at First Sight first met Briana Myles during Season 12. She was matched with Vincent Morales, and the two had instant chemistry.

Their relationship blossomed during their time on the show despite a few arguments and moments of miscommunication. After agreeing to stay together on Decision Day, the two have become the only couple from their season still married.

Getting more comfortable with their reality star status, Briana and Vincent have become more active on social media and are sharing pieces of their marriage with their fans. Recently, Briana gave her followers a glimpse of what texting with her husband looks like.

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Briana shares her favorite texts from Vincent

In a recent Instagram post, Briana shared a sweet video about what it’s like communicating with Vincent. Captions on the video read “Texts from my Hubby” and highlight some of his replies to her texts.

The first one says, “I’m here if you need me.”

The following text reads, “Need to know what I need for rotel.”

Briana’s caption says, “#3 is my fav for obvious reasons,” and it says, “Tell your dog to stop harassing me.”

Next, is Vincent saying, “What you want to eat?”

With the final text saying, “I love youuu too baby.”

Later this year, Briana and Vincent will celebrate their second wedding anniversary. Learning to communicate with one another was their priority from the start of their marriage. It looks like they’ve mastered it, and Vincent has learned exactly what Briana wants to hear.

Briana and Vincent are still fan favorites

During their season, Briana and Vincent quickly became the top couple for fans. Their playfulness towards one another and commitment to resolving their conflicts made viewers root for them more than any other couple.

On Decision Day, they were 1 of 4 couples who chose to stay together. Unfortunately, after the show ended, all the marriages ended in divorce except Briana and Vincent’s. Being the last couple standing has only increased their popularity with viewers.

Their popularity has also caught the attention of companies and brands. It’s helped them become influencers, securing partnerships and sponsorship deals on social media.

They’ve continued to share their lives with the MAFS fandom through social media and the spinoff show Couples’ Cam. They also stay connected to the franchise by offering their advice and input on each new season. Briana and Vincent have also gotten close to former MAFS stars such as Shawniece and Jepthe and Woody and Amani.

They still live in Atlanta, where Briana works as an engineer and Vincent is growing his business as an auto broker. They’ve settled into their new home with their dog, Cookie, and continue to create special memories.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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