MAFS alum Johnny Lam admits he’s worried about one new couple

Married at First Sight alum Johnny Lam gives his thoughts on the new couples.
Johnny Lam shares his thoughts on the MAFS newlyweds. Pic credit: @Iamj/Instagram

Johnny Lam became one of the most talked about participants on Season 13 of Married at First Sight.

His relationship with Bao Hoang started off shaky and continued to be a rough ride throughout the show.

On Decision Day, their relationship officially ended when Bao said she no longer wanted to be married to Johnny.

Since then, Johnny has kept in touch with a few of his cast mates, even going on trips and enjoying events in the city with them.

He’s also been keeping up with the current season of MAFS and sharing his thoughts on the new couples.

Like many fellow alums, Johnny recapped a recent episode for People, where he pointed out the highs and lows of each couple. He also revealed which couple he’s most worried about making it to the end.

Johnny Lam recaps the latest episode of MAFS

In his recap, Johnny shared the moments he loved and hated between each couple. He started with Krysten and Mitch, who are still getting mixed reviews from fans of the show.

Johnny says he loved to see Krysten standing up for herself and letting Mitch know what she needs from their marriage. Unfortunately, he wasn’t a fan of Krysten insinuating that Mitch may not be ready to be married.

Johnny acknowledged that these two have some major differences in what they value which leads to their arguments. However, he feels that if they continue working on their communication, they’ll have a solid marriage.

When it comes to Miguel and Lindy, Johnny felt these two live too much in their heads and overthink things. He said he hated the way Miguel tends to let his emotions take over and only focuses on how he is feeling.

Johnny thinks Lindy can help Miguel relax and learn to live in and enjoy the moment as she does. He thinks these two have great chemistry and have a shot at making things work.

Johnny Lam reveals the MAFS couple he’s worried about

Unfortunately, everything isn’t going well for all the couples. Johnny shared his thoughts on some of the low points in the recent episode.

Binh and Morgan’s marriage started off rough. A run-in with COVID-19 delayed their marriage and shortened their honeymoon. Each episode since then has shown them struggling to connect with one another and build trust.

Johnny calls out Morgan for seemingly being unwilling to forgive Binh for any mistake he makes. He also appears to sympathize with Binh who feels he can never do anything right in his marriage.

Johnny doesn’t think these two have much of a connection with one another, which makes resolving conflicts even harder. They struggle to communicate, and Morgan does seem open to compromise. Things aren’t looking good for this duo.

Stacia and Nate earned brownie points with Johnny for taking care of their post-nuptial agreement and attempting to grow in their marriage. However, he was not impressed with Stacia’s lack of trust in Nate.

He understands why Stacia may be hesitant to fully open up, but Johnny thinks she needs to relax a bit and not be so guarded. He feels she has to let down her walls and give Nate a genuine chance to prove himself if she wants their relationship to work.

Johnny described Justin and Alexis as his top pick for the season. However, that all changed with the most recent episode. After an argument between the two happened during the group dinner, Johnny says he’s now worried about these two.

He’s concerned about how quickly things between them can escalate and get to the point where they are no longer effectively communicating with one another. He’s worried that these two may not be able to learn how to fight fairly and express their thoughts to one another clearly.

With Decision Day on the way, there’s not much time left for the newlyweds to work through their differences and decide if they’re willing to fight for their marriages or walk away.

Married at First Sight airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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