Mackenzie McKee reflects on memory amid mom’s cancer battle

Mackenzie McKee
Mackenzie McKee remembers a moment from her senior year. Pic credit: MTV

Mackenzie McKee is trying to keep a positive attitude, as she’s back together with Josh McKee after cheating speculation and continues to be a support system for her mother.

During Mackenzie’s return to Teen Mom OG, she revealed that her mother was battling cancer. Doctors initially gave her 6 months to live, but she continues to fight for her life and she has proven the doctors wrong.

On Twitter, Mackenzie is now sharing a memory from her senior year, where she was asked about what superpower she would want to have. At the time, she claimed that her superpower would be to heal the sick, which was a much different answer than time travel, flying, and being stronger.

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Mackenzie reveals that she had no idea at the time that her mother would be fighting stage four cancer just years later and how she now wishes that she had that particular superpower. Perhaps she had a feeling that this superpower would be useful one day.

McKee and her mother are close and she may have been her source of inspiration when it came to Mackenzie working on her marriage to Josh. Mackenzie also reveals that she is thankful to have God and that prayer is all that she has, proving that her belief and her faith are just as important to her as they are to her mother.

Her mother Angie has documented her cancer journey on Instagram, revealing how things are going. She’s also making references to passages in the bible, proving that she’s staying strong thanks to her religious beliefs.

It’s something that Mackenzie may be doing in her own life, as she tries to navigate her mother’s illness, her marriage to Josh, raising her children, and running her own fitness business.

Teen Mom OG is currently on hiatus.

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