M/Y Seanna: Superyacht from Below Deck costs $300k a week to hire

M/Y Seanna
M/Y Seanna is a superyacht and will cost you a pretty penny to rent. Pic credit: burgessyachts.com

M/Y Seanna is the superyacht featured on Below Deck this season and it’s jaw-droppingly beautiful. Even though the yacht is originally from 2001, it underwent a complete 18-month rebuild just four years ago in 2014, which included a 7.6-meter extension including deck space on three levels.

The inside of the yacht screams luxury, including new interiors coated in while marble and ornate fittings. These fittings are brushed with 22 karat gold leaf.

The boat can host 12 guests spread out over 6 bedrooms, including a master suite, VIP and four double cabins. The VIP suite is a new addition, allowing the lucky guests to relax in the bed while overlooking the ocean. The suite provides a 180-degree view of the ocean.

M/Y Seanna
M/Y Seanna is all about glam. Pic credit: burgessyachts.com

The M/Y Seanna yacht looks like a luxury home on the inside and the 56.4-meter long vessel makes it feel less like a boat and more like a home. The yacht also feels like a hotel with a staff of 12, including a chef.

But that’s not all you get access to as a guest on M/Y Seanna. The yacht also boasts a helipad, outdoor cinema with a massive 132-inch screen, outdoor living area, and sun beds for those who want to soak up some rays. The spacious outdoor dining area is ideal for those afternoon drinks in the sun.

M/Y Seanna
M/Y Seanna’s outdoor space is perfect for drinks. Pic credit: burgessyachts.com
M/Y Seanna
M/Y Seanna provides you with great views of the water. Pic credit: burgessyachts.com
M/Y Seanna
M/Y Seanna allows you to have dinner outside. Pic credit: burgessyachts.com

The boat isn’t a complete escape from the real world, as guests can still access the internet. The state-of-the-art yacht includes an impressive audio-visual system, Wi-Fi internet access, satellite television, Apple TV, Xbox, and Satcom and cellular facilities. Just because you are visiting doesn’t mean you don’t have access to your digital life.

M/Y Seanna
M/Y Seanna’s hot tub allows you to hang out under the stars. Pic credit: burgessyachts.com
M/Y Seanna
M/Y Seanna allows you to enter the water easily. Pic credit: burgessyachts.com

One of the reasons why M/Y Seanna is such a hit is the access to watersports. The back of the boat allows you to explore the Van Dutch towed tender boat, the Nautica rib tender, two inflatable kayaks, waterskis, wakeboards, paddle boards, snorkeling gear, deep sea fishing gear, light spinning fishing rods, water slide, inflatable 12ft extension swim platform with jetski docking ports – and plenty more!

The boat also includes wine and cigar collections, a jacuzzi, a sauna, and a gym for those who want to stay in shape while on vacation. The personal chef will prepare your meals, allowing you to stay healthy while on the yacht.

So, how much will this cost you? The summer rates fall between EUR 336,000 and 287,000 per week, which is $387,672 and $331,136 per week, respectively.

The summer cruises will include trips in the Adriatic and West Mediterranean. For the winter rates, you can expect to pay between $392,000 and $294,000 per week, which includes trips to the Caribbean and the Bahamas.

Below Deck returns tonight with season 6 on Bravo, starting at 9/8c.

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