Lyndsey Windham slams Bachelor in Paradise producers after her late arrival on the beach

Lyndsey Windham
Lyndsey Windham left Bachelor in Paradise with haste after joining the cast late. Pic credit: @lyndsey_windham/Instagram

Lyndsey Windham’s time on Bachelor in Paradise ended as quickly as it started, and she’s not holding back in sharing her thoughts on the situation. 

It’s always challenging to be one of the last arrivals on the beach, and Lyndsey experienced that firsthand when struggling to secure a one-on-one date. 

After swiftly self-eliminating, Lyndsey answered fans’ “hard-hitting” questions and expressed some of the shady behavior of Bachelor in Paradise producers. 

This Bachelor in Paradise Season 8 cast has not been shy about expressing their grievances with producers and editing on social media. 

Genevieve previously suggested the BIP conditions weren’t great. Justin Glaze said his conversation with Eliza was three hours but condensed to 30 seconds. Andrew Spencer recently called out how editing manipulated the timing of his conversation with Jessenia Cruz. 

Lyndsey’s take on the producers was that they’d use certain information against the contestants. 

Lyndsey Windham refrained from giving BIP producers a ‘list’ 

After Monday night’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise, Lyndsey took to her Instagram Stories. She encouraged her followers to “Ask me the hard hitting questions and I’ll answer what I can.” 

One fan wanted to know which Bachelor Nation men Lyndsey placed on her list of people she’d be interested in exploring a connection with in paradise, as BIP hopefuls often inform producers of their interests before the show. 

Lyndsey replied with a pretty photo of herself on an overcast day and wrote, “I don’t think I told producers any names to be honest. They obviously use that against people and don’t bring them out until the last day.” 

Lyndsey Windham's Instagram Story
Pic credit: @lyndsey_windham/Instagram

Lyndsey Windham addresses her ‘record score’ exit 

Lyndsey also reacted to a tweet declaring her self-elimination “the fastest one in BIP history.” 

The tweet suggested that producers set Lyndsey up to fail by having her arrive late and noted how the producers didn’t get anyone to “conveniently” head down the beach and save her as Danielle Maltby did for “protected player” Michael Allio. 

Lyndsey appeared to endorse the tweet by resharing it to her Instagram Stories and adding, “I saw what I needed to see then it was time 2 go. #recordscore.” 

Lyndsey Windham's Instagram Story
Pic credit: @lyndsey_windham/Instagram

Lyndsey Windham hints at a Bachelor in Paradise man being in her DMs

While Lyndsey wasn’t able to get a date during her short time in paradise, it appears there are still some men from the Bachelor in Paradise Season 8 cast that are interested in her. 

Lyndsey took to TikTok to leave a telling post as she danced and ran with text over the video that read, “Me running from the post-show DMs from boys that turned down my date right after filming.” 


But at least you apologized @loganseagull #CapCut

♬ Lollipop – Lil Wayne

The Bachelor Nation blonde didn’t keep fans guessing on one of the men she was seemingly referring to as she captioned the post, “But at least you apologized,” and tagged Logan Palmer. 

Logan is currently with Kate Gallivan, but their relationship has been rocky, so time will tell if Logan leaves the island and pursues Lyndsey. 

He did admit Lyndsey was on his list, and it wouldn’t be the first time Logan pursued two Bachelor Nation ladies in a short period, as he did so with Gabby and Rachel. 

Stay tuned to see how Logan’s BIP journey plays out, and perhaps Lyndsey will have more tea to spill at the Bachelor in Paradise Season 8 reunion. 

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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