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Luke Bryan admits that he is better than Blake Shelton

Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton on The Voice
Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton on The Voice. Pic credit: NBC

In 2021, Blake Shelton made more money than any other country singer globally.

Coming in second place to The Voice coach was American Idol judge Luke Bryan.

While it might not be completely fair since Blake’s big money year included selling his back catalog, Luke couldn’t help but get a dig in where he could.

Luke Bryan says he is better than Blake Shelton

Blake Shelton might have made more money in 2021 than Luke Bryan, and he might make more from his The Voice contract than Bryan does from American Idol, but Luke has one thing he says he has over Blake.

Luke said he is a better farmer than Blake.

These are fighting words, as Blake and his wife, Gwen Stefani, have been talking a lot about their ranch and farming in recent weeks.

“He’s pretend farming,” Luke said on Apple Music Country’s The Ty Bentli Show (via PEOPLE).

“I mean, he’s just putting out like wild grasses — stuff that literally will grow on Mars,” he continued. “I’m actually planting stuff that human beings can enjoy. I’m not feeding a bunch of rabbits and moles and stuff. Blake’s farming earthworms and stuff.”

The conversation was in honor of Earth Day.

Luke Bryan reveals that the pandemic brought him back to Earth

When Luke Bryan was at home during the pandemic, he started farming more to keep from getting bored.

He even posted a photo of the harvest he ended up with as a result.

He compared that to working on his dad’s farm when he was in his 20s.

“It was literally 15-hour days, breathing dust. It’s crazy because at the time, I mean, I’m 24, 25 years old, and I remember physically feeling like I had been in a gang fight, played a football game. That’s how hard we were working. It was 24/7 and just working constantly during peanut season,” Luke said.

“The video of me planting all that sweet corn … I was so bored and didn’t have anything to do. I went and bought a planter, I bought a garden tractor, I bought a harrow disc. And I just went to town on this one field and planted like five acres of sweet corn,” he continued.

“I call my dad, and I’m like, ‘Daddy, we’re planting corn.’ He goes, ‘Ain’t that something? You moved to Nashville to get away from this, and now 15, 18 years later, you’re back to planting corn.'”

The Voice is on hiatus. American Idol airs on Sunday and Monday nights at 8/7c on ABC.

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