LPBW: Watch Jackson Roloff’s sweet gesture that has mom Tori feeling ‘incredibly blessed’

LPBW stars Zach, Jackson, and Tori Roloff
Jackson Roloff’s sweet gesture had his mom Tori feeling “incredibly blessed” that he’s her son. Pic credit: TLC

Little People, Big World star Tori Roloff shared a video of her son Jackson’s thoughtful gesture that made her feel “incredibly blessed” to be his mom.

Although LPBW is currently on hiatus, Tori keeps fans of the show in the loop when it comes to her and Zach Roloff’s family life with their kids Jackson and Lilah.

Tori and Zach are expecting their third child soon and are savoring the time they have with their two eldest kids, Jackson, 4, and Lilah, 2.

Recently Tori shared an adorable video of Jackson preparing the sweetest surprise for his mom.

Tori Roloff shares video of Jackson’s precious gesture for his mom, feeling ‘incredibly blessed’

In her Instagram Stories on March 23, Tori captured footage of Jackson, unbeknownst to him, as he drove his Power Wheels to a spot in their yard where he knelt down to pick a single, yellow daffodil.

Tori captured video of Jackson adorably climbing back into his Power Wheels with the flower in tow before driving towards the front door, all the while holding on tightly to the daffodil with one hand while he steered his truck.

A third video slide showed footage from Tori’s front door. She added text that read, “I actually have no idea how I got so incredibly blessed with this child. ??”

Tori was silent as she captured video of Jackson walking up to the porch, opening the front door, and walking towards her with the daffodil still in tow, sporting a Roloff Farms hoodie.

tori feels incredibly blessed to have jackson as her son
Pic credit: @toriroloff/Instagram

“Look what I give you,” Jackson adorably told his mom as he walked inside.

Will Zach, Tori, Jackson, and Lilah return to LPBW?

Jackson recently underwent surgery to correct the bowing in his legs. As seen in the video, Jackson still has some significant bowing in his legs, but as Tori explained previously, the surgery’s results will be gradual.

Since moving to Washington from Oregon, Tori has shared plenty of pics and video of the family enjoying their new home and sprawling property.

Although LPBW fans were concerned they might be done filming for the show amid their move, Tori and Zach assured fans they would still be part of the cast.

Tori told a fan last fall in a comment on Instagram, “Still filming! Can’t wait to share all the madness with everyone!”

Little People, Big World is currently on hiatus.

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