LPBW viewers slam Caryn Chandler for being too involved in Roloff Farms negotiations

Caryn Chandler of LPBW
LPBW viewers aren’t happy about Caryn’s involvement in the farm negotiations. Pic credit: TLC

Caryn Chandler is under fire by Little People, Big World viewers who think she is too involved in the Roloff family’s business.

Season 23 of LPBW premiered this week, and the first episode wasted no time getting right into the nitty-gritty of farm negotiations between Matt Roloff and his son Zach.

Caryn Chandler attended farm negotiation meeting with Matt and Zach Roloff

Awkward tensions arose when Zach recounted the conversation that he and Tori had with Matt and Caryn. Zach revealed that after making an offer to purchase the north side of the farm, his dad insinuated he and Tori weren’t “good enough” to run Roloff Farms.

Although their meeting wasn’t filmed for the show, Caryn and Matt also recounted their experiences behind closed doors.

Matt was thankful that Caryn was able to sit in for the meeting as another set of ears.

However, LPBW viewers felt that Caryn is overstepping her boundaries and should stay out of the Roloff family business.

Taking to Twitter after Tuesday night’s debut episode, LPBW fans sounded off.

LPBW viewers bash Caryn for involvement in Roloff family business

“Caryn seems to be the common denominator in the splits among the Roloffs. Big surprise. Not!” wrote one LPBW viewer who felt that Caryn accounts for a lot of the problems with the Roloff family.

When it comes to splits, Matt and Amy divorced in 2015 after 27 years of marriage. And not only romantic relationships have split within the Roloff family — Jeremy and his wife Audrey, Molly and her husband Joel, and Jacob and his wife Isabel have all chosen to stop filming for the show. And rumors of tension between the siblings have swirled for years.

lpbw viewers call out caryn chandler for getting involved in the roloff family business on twitter
Pic credit: @mzaliz/@PRFANS/@LoverLuvaluv/@SusanMWhitehill/Twitter

Another LPBW viewer felt that it’s only fair that Caryn air her family’s laundry: “Since Caryn wants to be involved in family business, I would like to know about hers.”

“Caryn is setting herself up to own that farm. I said this a while ago and her plan is working,” penned a LPBW viewer who felt that Caryn has been planning to receive an inheritance by dating Matt.

“Caryn needs to take a step back. The nerve” wrote another one of Caryn’s critics.

Matt and Caryn have been dating for five years and began a romantic relationship one year after Amy and Matt divorced. After working on the farm for 10 years as the manager of pumpkin season, the farm holds a special place in Caryn’s heart.

Many LPBW viewers think Caryn is with Matt only for the money and fame. So the question remains: will Caryn inherit anything from the farm? With news that Matt recently listed the north side of the farm for sale at $4 million, anything is possible.

Little People, Big World airs on Tuesdays at 9/8c on TLC and Discovery+.

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2 years ago

I truly believe she is interfearing here. She should step back..she doesn’t own the farm Matt does and I believe she has caused a lot of friction there. I have watched
the show since beginning but don’t think I will anymore..too much drama…

2 years ago

Caryn is finally showing her true colors! She is acting like a b***hy wife now. And one who wants to inherit Matt’s farm!

1 year ago

Her family better not get the farm!!!!!