LPBW spoiler: Zach Roloff says Matt suggested he and Tori aren’t ‘good enough to run the farm’

Zach and Matt Roloff of LPBW
Zach and Matt continue to butt heads this season on LPBW. Pic credit: TLC

Tensions continue to rise between father-son duo Matt and Zach Roloff during Season 23 of Little People, Big World.

Talk of selling the farm has always been a topic of contention among the Roloff family. Season 23 will unpack a lot of the conversations leading up to Matt’s decision to list 16 acres of Roloff Farms for sale.

In a new preview from Tuesday night’s Season 23 premiere of LPBW, Zach recounts the uncomfortable discussion he had with Matt about buying the farm that left him feeling “offended.”

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First, Zach told cameras during a confessional that he and Tori were looking for their forever home for their growing family, because their former home in Oregon wasn’t it.

Zach and Tori Roloff put in offer to Matt to buy the farm in Season 23 of LPBW

“Knowing we wanna grow our family and Jackson and Lilah are getting older, we wanna be somewhere where we can see ourselves a long time, and where we’re at right now is not that place,” Zach explained.

At the time the episode was filmed, Zach and Tori were still exploring the option of buying his mom Amy’s side of the farm and raising their kids there. The farmhouse is already dwarf-friendly, meaning Zach and Tori wouldn’t have to make any renovations.

In addition, the farm is where Zach grew up with his twin brother Jeremy, sister Molly, and youngest brother Jacob, so it holds plenty of sentimental value. Zach and his son Jackson have grown to love spending time on the farm, especially in the forest. The 30-acre north side of the farm houses the farmhouse, the pond, and the creek, some of Zach and Jackson’s favorite play areas.

Matt suggests Zach and Tori aren’t ‘good enough to run the farm’

Zach knew it wouldn’t be an easy conversation, but he set up a meeting with Matt to discuss purchasing the farm. “But then me and my dad talked a lot over the summer about what this would look like. My dad definitely was encouraging the conversation,” Zach shared.

“So finally, me and my dad decided to make a meeting, so Caryn and Tori came as well to help the process along, but things did not go well. It was bad,” Zach revealed.

Zach revealed that Matt changed his story once negotiations began and even told Zach that he and Tori didn’t have what it takes to run the farm. As LPBW fans know, Zach and Tori decided instead to move to Battle Ground, Washington, but they’ll still film for the show.

“My dad’s starting point was not 30 acres, but 15, and then he cuts off the forest, our favorite part,” Zach grumbled. “The whole thing was weird. All of a sudden, he makes excuses and reasons why we’re not good enough to run the farm.”

Matt’s comments had Zach feeling dejected: “I was offended by the feeling of, ‘You’re missing something, Zach,'” he told cameras.

Season 23 of Little People, Big World premieres on Tuesday, May 17 at 9 p.m. on TLC and Discovery+.

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Julie richardson
Julie richardson
1 year ago

I agree with Matt. Zach always said he was too lazy to want to work on the farm, that he would leave that up to Jeremy. Tori just as lazy.