LPBW Spoilers: Matt Roloff says of Amy’s wedding on the farm ‘Knowing Amy and me, there’s an explosion ahead’

Amy and Matt Roloff of LPBW
Amy and Matt Roloff are making strides in their relationship but wedding planning was still awkward Pic credit: TLC

Amy and Matt Roloff have worked on their relationship since their divorce but in the upcoming episode of Little People, Big World, Matt senses trouble when it comes to planning Amy’s wedding.

In a newly released clip from next week’s episode of LPBW, Amy visited Matt on the farm to discuss some details about her upcoming wedding.

Amy Roloff is still ‘guarded’ about meeting with Matt on next week’s episode of LPBW

“When I come to the farm now and when I meet with Matt, I mean, it’s getting easier. But I think I’ll probably always be guarded. And I think that is, you know, just 25 years of history,” Amy told the cameras as she met with Matt.

Matt asked Amy if she was getting excited about her wedding and if she felt as though the planning was going according to schedule.

Amy revealed that she and Chris had chosen a caterer and a photographer for their big day, which is Saturday, August 28, 2021.

Matt told cameras, “I’m excited to host Amy’s wedding and, uh, I’m excited for her and for Chris.”

Amy and Matt sat together for a joint interview when she confided to Matt, “But I still feel it’s a little weird,” with a chuckle.

Matt and Amy Roloff of LPBW on TLC
Amy and Matt went over flowers for her upcoming wedding. Pic credit: TLC

Amy told the cameras that she was “appreciative” that they were able to work things out and make her farm wedding come to fruition.

Matt said the awkwardness between himself and Amy ‘is yet to come’

Back in Matt’s office, he proposed some different flower options to Amy for her wedding.

“I was going to lean a little heavy towards a custom mix and go for stuff that bloomed a little later because…” Matt said before Amy cut him off.

She said, “That’s great.”

When a producer asked Matt if there was any awkwardness in planning Amy’s wedding with her, Matt responded, “No. The awkwardness is yet to come. No fireworks yet, but knowing Amy and me, there’s an explosion ahead — something is going to go ‘Kaboom!'”

While Matt and Amy looked over flower options, Matt noticed that Amy was easygoing about the choices and the two didn’t bicker like they usually do.

Matt Roloff of LPBW on TLC
Matt discussed which flowers Amy wanted on the farm for her wedding. Pic credit: TLC

Matt asked Amy, “When did you get so low maintenance?”

“I always have been low maintenance, Matt” Amy replied, “Always.”

“It’s shockingly low,” Matt added.

Amy wished she and Matt could have gotten along previously

Back in her confessional spot, Amy told the cameras, “It feels funny to have these type of conversations with Matt — not only because it’s my ex, but I go back in memory — and it’s like, man, we could have had a lot of these conversations go a whole lot more easier.”

Amy continued, “I think part of the reason that we may seem like we’re a little bit more at ease with each other is because Matt doesn’t need to be accountable to anybody. And then, I don’t have to worry so much about what’s happening, and I don’t feel like I’m shut down.”

Matt confessed, “I thought she was low maintenance. I appreciated that. And that’s gonna make it easier. If she came in hot, you know, she doesn’t want to be a Bridezilla label, because, um, she knows that I’ll be the first one to go right there.”

Although Matt and Amy got along during planning, Matt doesn’t plan on being at Amy’s wedding and she prefers it that way.

Matt Roloff of LPBW on TLC
Matt told producers that there’s “an explosion ahead” between him and Amy. Pic credit: TLC

Amy still isn’t comfortable with Matt and Chris’s relationship

When Matt brought up that he and Chris were “playing around” in the market and in the same place, Amy commented that it was “kind of weird.”

The producer mocked Matt and Chris’s newfound friendship and asked Amy and Matt, “Does the venue owner typically become best buddies with the groom?”

Amy shook her head and smiled, while Matt laughed and commented, “Nobody’s doing that and nobody is trading any secret stock tips… occasionally.”

Amy hasn’t been a fan of Matt’s friendship with Chris, but as Chris pointed out to Amy, “I would hope that she would be glad that we’re closer friends than we are closer enemies.”

Little People, Big World airs on Tuesdays at 9/8c on TLC and Discovery Plus.

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