LPBW spoilers: Did Chris give Amy an ultimatum before they can get married?

Chris Marek and Amy Roloff of LPBW
Chris had some plans in mind for Amy before they moved forward with planning their wedding. Pic credit: TLC

Little People, Big World star Amy Roloff is excited for her fiance, Chris, to move into her new house with her, but was he giving her an ultimatum before that happened?

Viewers watched last week as Chris revealed he didn’t think Amy was making enough space for him in her home.

Amy still had a lot of boxes piled in the garage and the home office, both spaces that Chris wanted to be able to use for himself.

Amy was aware that Chris didn’t want to move in until she made room for him

“Chris had indicated to me that he still didn’t feel like there’s room for him to even move in until I cleaned out the garage and made room for him in the office,” Amy confessed during her solo interview.

Last week, Chris’ concern was that he would need somewhere to put all of his boxes that he’ll be bringing over to Amy’s house, and didn’t feel as though she did enough to prepare for that.

At the time, Amy had given Chris a deadline of the end of September for a timeframe that she would have everything moved and ready for him.

Amy called on her BFF Lisa to come over and help her deal with the overflow of boxes and get a game plan going on how to organize everything to make room for Chris.

Amy explained to Lisa that she hoped Chris would feel comfortable to move in before the holidays, but he didn’t feel that was a realistic timeline, given the work that still needed to be done.

The two ladies went into the garage to assess the situation and Lisa thought that Amy brought a lot of things to her new house that she wasn’t ready to let go of, mostly due to the sentimental value they held.

Lisa felt that Amy needed to take action to get Chris excited about moving in

“Amy, the garage is not a storage unit. It’s to put your cars in,” Lisa firmly told Amy.

Lisa revealed that she didn’t think Amy wanted to feel overwhelmed with stuff like she did at the farmhouse. She thought Amy just needed to get a game plan in action so Chris would be more excited about moving in.

“I felt a lot of pressure over the years with Matt so I really don’t want that to happen with Chris and I. But I also don’t want a few boxes and everything to prevent Chris from wanting to pick a wedding date or slow down the process of him moving in,” Amy revealed during a solo interview.

Amy invited Chris over to let him know that she was serious about decluttering the house and making room for him before he felt comfortable moving in with her.

When the two walked into the garage to talk about plans to organize Amy’s belongings, Chris didn’t seem to be in much of a rush to move in.

Chris didn’t want to set a wedding date until Amy’s house was organized

When Amy mentioned that they were getting married and told him he needed to be moved in by then, Chris said, “Well, we’re not getting married until this is taken care of,” pointing at the boxes scattered around the garage.

“I just felt like there were certain things that we had talked about making happen sooner. And I’d like to see those things happen before planning something farther out, like the wedding date, and the rest of our lives together,” Chris confessed.

Fans of the show worried that Amy and Chris’ relationship won’t last, noting that their personality types often clash.

Amy and Chris are scheduled to tie the knot this August, and according to a source, the nuptials will take place on the farm.

Fans will have to wait and see if the couple actually accepted Matt’s offer to get married on Roloff Farms, and if so, if Matt will get in the middle of things and ruin their big day.

Little People, Big World airs on Tuesdays at 9/8c on TLC and Discovery+.

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